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  1. This. I'm going to look into options for that in the future, once the YawVR2 is here. And I'm going to do exactly what you proposed once the dampener is installed: More or less completely unscrew the clutch, because then it's not needed anymore.
  2. Search amazon for "adhesive steel wheel weights". You need about 450-500 grams. I think for the ultimate realism you need to do both - the dampener alone won't stop the collective from drooping I flew with the counterweights yesterday and, yeah, I am not going back. Much better fine-grained control, you end up using the collective a lot more actively.
  3. Thanks, the carpet used to be quite expensive. Carpets lose value faster than a car. I'm satisfied overall. Some things could be improved, like the up/down toggle on the Sharka grip. I guess they could've also built a counter-force spring system into that relatively large box. Maybe in a future product.
  4. Parts list: 1 aluminium L beam, thickness can be between 1 and 4mm, length 36cm / 14in 420g adhesive balancing weights Drill holes to match the cover plate. Result: One balanced boi. Yes some form of oil dampener would be nice but this is like a few $ in parts and the collective stays where you left it because let's face it no burglar would steal a virpil vollective that has janky stuff screwed onto it. Next week: ECM manufacturers hate this simple trick! How to avoid missiles by shooting a flare pistol out the window.
  5. If you haven't already, you might wanna add the AGM-84E SLAM-ER: ["AGM_84E"] = 488 This is based on the warhead size compared to similar sized bombs. You might want to lower that a bit if you think the damage is too extreme.
  6. I for one desire the complexity because... 1) There's "game mode" for the people who want a more casual experience 2) Complexity brings depth and raises the skill ceiling, as there's more to learn and experience. 3) Complexity brings satisfaction as you eventually not just master them, but become *good* at it. (How good, YMMV of course) 4) The systems simulation literally is the content in this game. You don't just buy an aircraft mesh, you purchase a complete cockpit and most of the systems in it, along with the documentation and all that. In short, DCS is not for everyone. It's a niche product that enjoys a loyal and growing audience. Use game mode if you don't want ALL that much detail, it's definitely an option and there for a reason. But turning this into War Thunder would mean I stop playing and look for something else, something like... DCS
  7. The one linked on https://simshaker.com/software/general/sound/ Aaaaand now it works btw
  8. Oh I completely agree. The solution would be to render the IHADSS in 2D without any depth during boresighting, which would solve it both for 2D and VR, and regardless of what eye you've set the IHADSS to render for. That's something ED would have to implement.
  9. Seconded! Also, both the stable and the beta download links don't work, onedrive only shows an error. Would be great if the downloads could be hosted properly instead of using a third party cloud service.
  10. I showed half a dozen people this screenshot and each and every one of them now has no problem aligning in VR anymore: The only caveat is that you need IHADSS on both eyes, and if you have a strong single eye dominance, you might have to close one eye at a time to align the crosshairs as shown. My guess is that with right eye only rendering, you would need to align the right crosshair as shown on the image, instead of onto the center of the alignment bullseye.
  11. That does sound like IHADSS alignment issue? Are you sure you're aligned properly? If you put Aquisition Source to TADSS, does the cross in your IHADSS slave to where you tell him to? FYI, with the latest update I am getting much more consistent behavior. I haven't had George refuse to fire yet. The only thing I noticed is that sometimes after repeated shots, the hellfire doesn't seem to immediately pick up the laser (no obstruction, no vegetation, range < 7000). In those cases I just have to be patient, and the box becomes large after a few seconds. Since I don't know if this is an actual limitation of the sensor, I don't know if it's a bug or just how things should be. Plus it fixes itself so... I am no longer frustrated
  12. Are there any plans to implement the articulation of the Hellfire laser seeker?
  13. Hmm... Well he did say "Engaging..." and he did see the target and had the TADS pointing at it. If he has LOS issues, it would be helpful if he said something to that effect, just like he says when out of range.
  14. @BIGNEWYIf the track file doesn't download for you, please go to http://hoxdna.org/dcstracks/ and download the "PVE Syria" track file from the file list.
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