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  1. Yeah I'm on 2.7.11....so do I upgrade? I haven't seen an option to go to 2.7.12?
  2. Hi I bought A10C Agile Spear on order number 1477094 along with 3 other campaigns. The other three showed up and installed but nothing for Agile Spear? Any ideas? I ran the DCS repair and update executables but still nothing?
  3. I just bought a new computer that came with windows 11. I loaded DCS on the weekend and haven't tried all the modules yet but of the ones I have it has been fine.
  4. Trigger guard.....sigh.......I've been trying to figure this out since day 1!! Tx for the help!! I've had active pause on, flipping every button can I think of....except that one.
  5. It finally went...but took quite a long time?? Seems a lot slower than b4. But it did finally start up.
  6. I'm getting hung up on auto start on egi alignment...it never moves past it. I didn't have any problems until I downloaded the new patch.
  7. I'm still not sure how to use George the most effectively. As CPG should I map my controls to the tedac rather than the hocas and let George fly? If you map to the hocas then I guess you use the buttons on the tedac for control. As CPG if you are using the hocas then not sure how you control the bird when trying to use the tedac? Has anyone else fussed with this and come up with a good conclusion? I guess an option would be to use the hocas and use a modifier to use the same controls for the tedac...but that starts to sound a little overwhelming!! Thoughts?
  8. Hey thanks for sharing this guys! I was starting to get a little overwhelmed. I like the zoom on the throttle personally and use the stick for the rudder, but other than that you guys are pretty consistent. This will save me a lot of time and trial and error!! Thanks Again.
  9. I figured out my problem. I'm on Wifi. I adjusted my antenna a bit and problem solved. Downloaded in about 20 minutes. Got my new AH64D as well. Unfortunately I hit a tree on my first flight out!! No worries though I'm pretty sure I can buff out the scratches. Nice work on the Apache ED...well worth the wait!! Night and day from the old Janes longbow for you that are as old as me to remember it!! Just need some campaigns now...although I think I'm going to be in flight school for a while yet!! Impressive work ED!!
  10. I'm having the same problem. I'm d/Ling at 100Kbps on average. Can't even get an ETA. My updates are always slow. It's a new computer on Starlink for network. My d/l speed is normally in the 50Mbps range for all other services. My computer says win 10 already has auto tune enabled. Any other ideas? I'm on my second straight day and night trying to update. Should have added it starts out at 3-5Mbps for the first few megs of data and then drops right off.
  11. I've got the old Janes manual...would be nice to start studying!!
  12. Sorry, probably a dumb question, but I have 2.7.9 beta installed and I still have the older 2.7.5 (I think it was). Can I delete the older version without hurting the new version? It looks like they are totally duplicated in my folders but I don't want to take a chance on totally screwing up my campaigns? Are new versions supposed to replace the old version? Like I said, mine seemed to create a complete duplicate of the game. Thanks.
  13. Thanks guys, I re ran the repair utility with the slow method and it worked. I am back up and flying!! Thanks for the help.
  14. Oh sorry, and I don't use VR. Hi I ran the dcs repair module. I restarted the computer and tried to launch the game. I think it got worse. The game doesn't even launch now, I just get a message that says "important files damaged: bin/cockpitbase.dll. It also says it created a log so I have attached it. dcs.log dcs.log.old
  15. Hi, thanks for the quick response. Here are the logs. dcs.log-20211230-213431.zip dcs.log-20211230-213713.zip dcs.log-20211230-213954.zip dcs.log-20211230-214201.zip dcs.log-20211230-214647.zip dcs.log-20211230-215221.zip dcs.log-20211230-224649.zip Oh sorry, and I don't use VR.
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