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  1. Hi Guys


    If you have been thinking about getting the Cockpit CAD Plans for the P-51D, F-16C or the F/A-18C, or ordering a Cockpit Kit with everything cut out and ready to screw together, this is the week.   Their Cockpit CAD Plans price is 155.50 however, during the Summer Sale Event, its 105.00.  You can get all 3 sets of plans for 200.00.  That's a huge savings.  This is a once a year event.


    If you haven't seen my group on Facebook, I urge you to check it out.  There are many people building my cockpits and sharing tips and secrets and tons of pictures and videos.   The Facebook Group name is "The Cockpit Shop"


    I also have a new website that is a WIP.    Check it out - HERE


    Here is the info from the Sale


    The Cockpit CAD Plans are 105.00 each.  Buy all 3 for 200.00
    The F/A-18C Aux Panels (10 in Stock)  are 250.00 (Reg 350) plus shipping. (switch panels not included)  (Both left and Right Aux Panel included in price)
    The Aces II Ejection Seat is 395.00  (Reg 495.00) plus Crate and Shipping
    The F-16 VR kit is 395.00 (Reg 595.00)
    The F/A-18C SJU-17 Ejection Seat is 495.00 (Reg 695.00) plus crate and shipping.

    The F-16C Aux Panels are 450.00, (Reg 650.00)
    This is first come. first serve.  When the stock I have is sold, the sale price returns to original.


    P-51D CAD Plan examples HERE

    F-16C CAD Plan examples HERE

    F/A-18C CAD Plan examples HERE


    F/A-18C Aux Panels  (does not include the shown switch panels)






    F/A-18C VR Pit


    F-16 VR Pit


    F-16 Cockpit


    F/A-18C Cockpit


    F-16 Aces II Seat Kit




    If you would like to place an order, just PM me your email address, and I will send you the ordering information.


    The Sale ends on Wed next week (June 2, 2021)  Don't miss out!




    Stang out

  2. Let me know if I can help.


    You can see pics of the F-16C Cockpit Plans and the build pics at the two links below.


    F-16C Cockpit Plans HERE


    F-16C Build Pics HERE


    My Facebook Group, called "The Cockpit Shop" where people are building my plans and kits is HERE




    Stang out

  3. Thanks to all those that purchased Cockpit Plans the Cockpit kits. The response was a bit overwhelming but I sincerely appreciate everyone's business. All of the "Kits" ordered will be shipped by the end of the month.


    The Sale is now over, but I'm always happy to help you with your project.


    Stang out

  4. Hi Guys




    Cockpit CAD Plans for the P-51D Mustang, F-16C Falcon and the F/A-18C Hornet are on sale. Regular 155.50. Sale price 95.00


    P-51D CAD Plans

    F-16C CAD Plans

    F/A-18C CAD Plans


    The Aces II Ejection Seat Kit Gen 7 is on Sale, "Includes" the Molded Seat Back and Bottom, Regular 595.00. Sale Price 495.00 plus shipping. Can be built for the A-10, F-15, F-16 or F-22


    Aces II Ejection Seat Kit


    The F-16C Complete Cockpit Kit with the Aces II Ejection Seat is on sale. Regular 1,595.00. On sale for 1,295.00, plus crate and shipping.


    F-16C Complete Cockpit Kit


    F-16 Center Pedestal and Main Instrument Panel with ICP/HUD Box and HUD Frames Kit is on sale. Regular 495.00. On Sale for 395.00


    F-16 VR Front Panel Kit


    The F/A-18C Complete Cockpit Kit without the Ejection Seat is on sale. Includes updated Canopy Sills, Canopy BOW and new Main Instrument Panel and Support, Regular 1,895.00. On Sale for 1,295.00


    F/A-18C Cockpit Kit


    'The F/A-18C SJU-17 OpenHornet Ejection Seat, Gen 1 with extension fix is on sale, Regular 695.00. On Sale for 595.00. Gen 2 is in the works.


    F/A-18C SJU-17 OpenHornet Ejection Seat Kit


    F/A-18C Front Main Instrument Panel VR version Kit and monitor support is on sale. Regular 495.00. On Sale for 395.00. "Supports a 27" monitor behind the MiP to provide graphics to all the displays and gauges"


    F/A-18C VR Front Panel Kit


    All parts cut out on my ShopShabre SS23 CNC Router and shipped from Lakeland, Fl. Or you can come pick them up and save shipping.


    Please PM me for more information or to order CAD Plans and Cockpit Kits


    Happy Flying :thumbup:


    Stang out

  5. Hi Greekbull,


    Great work on your cockpit!!


    Just FYI, the DDI Bezels from PCFlights are nice but, they are NOT based on actual dimensions and their mounting holes are way off. Also, they do not have an accurate AMPCD or Heading / Course Panel.


    Just so you know.


    Keep up the great work on your Pit!!


    Stang out



    That printer is exactly what I used for all the buttons on the UFC.




    Getting closer to finishing. Still need to tidy up a few things. I need to go to the Hardware store tomorrow to get the right length screw for my middle AMPCD and then I can get rid of the piece of extrusion holding it up. All the switches and buttons in the cockpit are functioning fine and have more on the way. I ordered the correct F/A-18 DDIs from PC Flights also have the right side HMCS panel on the way so those will go in next.

  6. It will also create a shadow box effect and require a ton of extra milling.



    Just wait until you see the engrave times with a CNC...its not quick.


    Stang out


    I'm not sure any hotspotting would be as bad as you might think.

    Considering the material is aluminium, the inside of the holes would be reflective, so should cause some scatter as the light passes through and comes out.

  7. Hi Tea_cypher,


    I like the idea of this thread and the demonstration of how you want to build your switch panels. I also wanted to say, in my response below, I do not mean to come across critical or demeaning. There are many people who build switch panels many different ways, and with a great variance of results. In this instance, you "can" say there is a right way to build switch panels, and a wrong way.


    To understand the "BEST" way to build them, you simply need to look at real US Military panels from the 4th generation aircraft forward. "Not simulator panels"! The how and why have already been worked out and are there for our use. Again though, I say, anyone can build panels any way they choose. This is most commonly accomplished by what tools they have available to them.


    If you want to know how to build switch panels the same way as the US Military, then you should be talking to Deadman. He is the definitive source and knows the how's and why's a panel is built a certain way, and has all of the information and dimensions that go with each part of the panel building operation.


    I would "suggest" that the method you are describing for for lighting up the Light Rings, is not how real panel are lighted, and will decrease the strength and rigidity of your panels. This will "probably" also cause "hot-spots" in your light rings as well. You method is a pretty far deviance from the normal method of back lighting methods, and decreases the efficiency in the actual building process. This is just my "opinion" and doesn't mean you should change your method.


    In my humble opinion, there are 2 things that separate the best panels from the worst. 1 - The "QUALITY" of Text/Lines/Symbols (FONTS) which includes the actual "Creation Process" of them on the panel itself, and 2 - Back Lighting. The rest is just the right dimensions and materials, which are all in inch by the way, and the proper fasteners and assembly technique. These are all commonly available on Mil-Spec doc MS25212 "Basic Panel Dimensions".


    Again, I would suggest you reach out to Deadman and ask the questions of "why" a switch panel is built a certain way and what techniques are used. This information would be very valuable to everyone here that is reading your post, and using your information as a guide for "How to build Switch Panels"?.


    Good luck with your progress.


    Stang out

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