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  1. Thanks for your posting this. I have a TUSBA and Vipergear Throttle Hall sensor on the way, this will definitely help using this as reference!
  2. Hey Mark, I too have the Cougar, I just recently found a gently used on on ebay, pulled the trigger, and now trying to sort it out. With my controller, the Z axis on the throttle simply isn't working; it recognizes the input, but it seems locked in one position. I took it out, cleaned int with deOxit! but didn't seems to make a difference. all of the other axis movements on both throttle and stick seem to be working and respond, but I too am having the issues with radar ranging/antenna rotary axis movements not centering. I have tried everything I know of how to be able to tune the movements, at least to find center where the detents are on the actual throttle. I ordered a TUSBA yesterday, hoping to resolve the issue, but it sounds like I'm going to be in the same boat as your are currently. I haven't downloaded any soft wear or drivers from Thrustmaster site, as they all seem to be for older Windows platforms, where Im running Windows 10. not sure if this is an issue or not. as I have the TM Warthog and rudder pedals, I have the TARGET softwear set up, but havent sorted out how to use that to configure my throttle or stick. As DCS sees the cougar and warthog sticks, I just program there. I would eventually like to put hall sensors in the cougar stick, but viperwear is the only place I can find that sells them, and they are sold out of everything. I'd settle on getting a replacement potentiometer for the throttle axis, but cant even find one of those. sorry I don't have any answers for you, I would very much love to get this stick up and running eventually. I love the feel of the stick, and the viper is my favorite module. I'm very much interested if anyone has any further information regarding a fix for the OP.
  3. does anyone know how to activate the night vision goggles that are in the controls menu for the yak? having them would add another dimension on stealthy night flight. I know I can activate the flashlight, but that would only help see the instruments, not the outside world.
  4. I’m relatively new to the game as well, and have both the Persian Gulf and Nevada Maps. I have quite a few hours on both, but I honestly spend more time in the Nevada amp than anywhere else. I’d say with the map on sale, it’s a not even a question. As stated, there are a bunch of training missions for that map, and learning to drive an F-5 or A-10 just seemed like the right place to do so.
  5. Lol yes guilty as charged. At least I got Ian’s name right. I typed that on my phone, where it’s pretty hard to see. I catch a lot more boo boos on my computers large screen. Well I deleted the game and reloaded it last night, making sure to direct the game and modules to my E drive, and everything runs perfectly now. I should have done that in the first place and not wasted everyone’s time. Hopefully I will get everything set up and actually get some flying time in between everything else going on this weekend.
  6. UPDATE I tried to follow the update and repair, but it was looking in the c drive, so it wouldn't work. At that point I decided to just delete the game plus the modules, and start with a fresh reload on the E drive. I think that will be the best route. I'm currently downloading the initial game, where I was able to direct it to the E drive. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that any fragments I wasn't able to get with deleting the files off the E drive won"t effect the current download. I'm sure there are residual folders on the C drive, wondering if I run an auto repair that I can catch them. Once again, thanks for all those with the great advice. I'll post if there are any further issues.
  7. Thank you all for the help, Ian, sorry I typo’d your name wrong, my fingers have a mind of their own sometimes. Bignewey, thanks for your input, I’ll certainly look into that as well once I’m off work and home tonight. Thanks again
  8. Ivan, Thank you for your input, i wasn't sure which file I needed to upload, I will post the additional file tomorrow, I'm away from my computer at the moment. I have about 800 GB free space on my E drive, which is where the game is currently, and about 100 GB on the C Drive, so I should have plenty of free space on each drive. I figured the install wasn't complete; I actually have some Nevada terrain files that were outside of dcs on the E drive, in a torrent folder, so that was suspect from the start. I"m hoping to get this resolved and be able to leave the game on the E drive. I'm planning on leaving the E drive exclusively for DCS, as I know I will be buying the Persian Gulf and a few other modules. (This is kind of addictive, lol) Again, thanks for your input and I try to grasp the issue.
  9. Hello All, I am absolutely new to DCS, but not sims, however I am a novice with computers, knowing enough to be dangerous. That being said, I have downloaded the latest version of DCS, some aircraft modules, and have enjoyed the learning curve as I go. I was able to program my hotas system, and all was good. The issue being my C drive ran out of room after purchasing the Nevada terrain, where initially it would not download. my stepson moved everything to my E drive, which is a little slower being mechanical, but plenty of room with 1 TB storage. After the move, the game worked fine, just loaded a bit slower than the SSD it had been on, which was expected. I detected no issues what so ever. The issue I'm having is when I went to download the Nevada terrain, i wasnt able to change the directory path to the E drive, as It had been previously downloaded (but not installed) to the C drive. Regardless of this, the terrain did download, with some parts into the E drive. when I start the game, it shows, but I am unable to go into the terrain, for example, doing an instant mission in FC3 using the Nevada terrain will start the load, but when it gets to a certain point, it crashes. I will attach the log showing the issues. I could reinstall the game/modules, but I dont want to run into the same issue, with the automatic download going to C drive. Any help is greatly appreciated, This is over my abilities to troubleshoot on a computer. thank you in advance. dcs.log-20191106-215936.zip
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