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  1. Just out of curiosity where did you all pull your numbers from for the minimum engagement altitude for the SA-2? Based on my research, not wikipedia, the "stock" SA-2 in DCS is also incorrect as the S-75 Dvina's min engagement altitude was 3,000m (or 9842.52ft) which is already well above what ED gave us and the V-795 in your pack is lower than the stock version. One of my sources, and yes it's in the public domain, was http://www.ausairpower.net/APA-S-75-Volkhov.html
  2. Ok in all fairness to the mod makers and those that might only read the tail end of a forum thread this is actually going to work. You do effectively get a launch warning, it's when the radar locks onto you because as soon as the radar locks a missile is on it's way with the S-300 variants. They show up on the RWR as a SA10. The SA-23 shows as U and acts just like the SA-20A and B. Looking forward to using this mod.
  3. In all fairness we are still testing, doing so as I type, and are finding that with the 20A's your spike warning is your launch warning.
  4. As I said for us anyways this is going to make it difficult, if not impossible, to justify the inclusion of the mod pack for our group. I get the push for realism but the game play aspect of it also comes into effect as noted by Letmepickthat in this statement "There's also a gameplay component to it. DCS doesn't allow us to have a launch warning past the mid-guidance phase, the only options we have (for now, at least) are to either have a launch warning as soon as the missile leaves the tube, or no launch warning at all. The problerm is that for long-range missile with a three or four minutes-long flight, having a launch warning right off the bat makes defeating the system very easy. " There are ways to hold off units from launching at max range too I know but without proper counter measures, most of which are still classified, it makes leveling the playing field, so to speak, to a degree that would not only both make sense but also allow for growth and learning over time difficult to say the least. Unfortunately my initial "excitement" on this mod is waning fast which in and of itself is sad because it would have been nice to include some of the newer more advanced systems in upcoming internal campaign missions.
  5. That's a shame I was looking forward to using this mod for our wing but that's going to be a deal breaker. I read your earlier discussion and my point is there is NO warning at all when the missile locks on even though the makers seem to indicate that it should. I'm ok (as in if I have to give up something) to a no launch warning but having zero warning at all makes the mod unusable, outside of selective employment of radar units which cuts out the main reason why I was looking at using it. Sad really given the work that has gone into this mod in the first place.
  6. That's what I was assuming but there are no audible radar warnings at all.
  7. I'll answer your question first, the SA-17 is coming back as a SA-11. Pretty sure I read somewhere on gethub that things like that were to be expected for now. As for the other missiles, when I posted that last night it was under the impression that there were no RWR indications about a missile or missile threat other than the initial tone for a radar lock. After posting and through further testing we found that with the SA-23 we were getting a U on the RWR display (guessing meant as unknown contact). We are going to test further to see if that was there for other systems and were just missed. Out of curiosity (and please don't read any sarcasm into the following it's a genuine question poorly worded I'm sure)what documentation did you refer to that stated the missiles relied soley on the ground radar's direction? IE "Missiles are not supposed to lock, they don't have an active sensor". Or did that info come from a SME?
  8. Are these systems designed or supposed to give any kind of missile warning? In testing we are getting radar warnings but no apparent audible tone that a missile has locked on and no indication on the RWR either. This is on everything but the SA-17.
  9. Houston we have a problem. I'm pretty sure pipelines aren't supposed to look like a roller coaster track. Unless the Syrians have some new tech for oil distribution. Have checked with another person they are seeing the same thing. Reference: Right on the line between CU92 and DU02 near the northern borders of both grids. There appears to be a total of seven spots that do this on this pipeline.
  10. I'm currently having an issue that I'm not sure quite how to get around. If I leave discord running, while playing DCS and running SRS my CPU usage stays around 80% or better which in turn appears to be causing an issue where when 1 person is talking on SRS they are somewhat choppy on my end. If two or more people start talking at the same time either on the same frequency or multiple they become so choppy I can't understand anyone. However, ICS (yes in the tomcat) remains solid and there are no issues through all of this. I know my system needs updating (it's nearly 8 years old) but is this just an issue on my end that will only be solved with an upgrade or is other people having the same issue?
  11. OH dear God thank you!!! That was driving me nuts. Yes I was using the default keyboard hotkey
  12. I've done that too. I think you are right though. The only thing I haven't done is try changing the CV to a different model. Just to test if it's an issue with the GW.
  13. For the record that didn't resolve my issue either.
  14. You know I'm wondering if that might not be my issue. When I put the freq in, I put it in as 127.5 not 127.500 because I knew the system would drop the last two digits.
  15. So are me and the OP the only ones experiencing this problem or is it a "bug".
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