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  1. The idea is that in order to simulate a modern conflict, you often end up with more than 2 alliances, for example there can be local insurgents or terrorists that fight against both sides. While I found a way to implement neutral units into my game in ME, they are passive, they don´t fight at all, just let me destroy them. I think not only I would use such functionality as many people asked for it on the internet on forums.
  2. So my idea is that in a conflict between blue and red, there is a third party, let´s say insurgents who are holding certain positions and are trying to fight both parties. I managed to get neutral units by first assigning a desired country to either alliance and then make it neutral again, but now the units are just passively getting destroyed. Planes will take off but will not fight, AAA and SAMs will not shoot etc. Is there any way to add working, aggressive "third party" into the mission?
  3. That is my backup plan, but this doesn´t give the enemy opportunity to kill the cargo plane and prevent the restock of planes, weapons and spawn of ground units.
  4. Hi guys. I know I should search and read through all posts, but there is A LOT to read. Please guide me to what I should do or read and what is and isn´t possible. So the basic idea is, that an AI cargo plane would spawn and would attempt to land at an airfield. Successful cargo mission would claim the airfield for the respective alliance, spawn some friendly units and restock some weapons and fighter jets. Then the idea might get more developed - if the plane gets killed, another one will spawn in XY minutes, if it survives it will fly back for more cargo. I am also interested the ability to call for the cargo plane (in a similar way you call for a tanker) to fly resources to airfield XYZ (or making it somewhat intelligent to the point that if let´s say Gudauta has already been claimed, it will fly to Sochi or if Sukhumi runs out of AMRAAMs, it will attempt to restock). Is this even achievable? Is it achievable without knowledge of LUA? What is the path of least ressistance or is there an alternative that would be significantly easier and would bring similar results? My aim is to be able to periodically restock an airfield with enemy being able to prevent it.
  5. I´d be happy if SU 34 was on FC3 level, but we really need that plane in game as more than a mod.
  6. Guys, I don´t even know where to ask, but how is it possible that nobody is even working on a full-fidelity russian aircraft model? I bet the interest would be through the roof. There are numerous jets from the western side, but if you want something russian, you just aren´t competitive in multi-role. Mig 29, SU 27, SU 33 - all lack guided air to ground weaponry, while SU 25T lacks radar-guided air to air weaponry. There is no F/A 18 or F16 equivallent on the Russian side in this game. I think we need SU 34 for that. It´s supersonic, has options for Fox 1, 2 and 3, GPS and for GPS and laser guided munitions. Second, IMO we need Mig 31 as an F14 equivallent. Please, whoever can make this happen, I am holding my money and not buying any other models until these come out. I am sorry if this is not the apropriate forum, but I did not find a better place to post this. And yes, I know there are mods for these, but they aren´t available for PVP on pretty much any server.
  7. They say 5m or less, but the issue is accuracy of coordinates - as they are entered in an inaccurate format like waypoints, the coordinates mark a roughly 10-15m circle. Now add the 5m accuracy of the bomb and you are getting anywhere from 0 to 20m, but most likely above 5m from target. That´s why I need coordinates that are much more accurate, like in Hornet and UTM as it seems can do the trick. About the TPOD, finding the correct targets in environment full of non-targets that will also show on TPOD view would be more than difficult from 35 miles.
  8. This seems to be the best solution, I managed to make it to targets but still haven´t dropped any bomb, will test later today and see.
  9. I am not going to argue, it is more than a minute or two and TPOD is not a solution for me, I specifically asked about adding GPS coordinates manually and I would like to only get answers for that question.
  10. But not for me, when I am in range to use the pod, I have other things to worry about. I need to set up on the ground before takeoff so that my bombing is just a matter of releasing the bombs within the range. Because I still have to worry about enemy fighters and SAMs.
  11. Same precision as waypoints, I am literally missing my targets by 10m. I managed to follow you until the CAS page, but I don´t know how to choose that unprecise waypoint etc. If I am close enough to use TPOD, the weapon isn´t very stand off anymore. I also want fire and forget and launch many at the same time at more targets. Neither is possible with TPOD. If I use TPOD.
  12. I know there is a way to do it from F10 map, but I want to add coordinates manually, so I got them in format N xx-xx-xx.xx E xx-xx-xx.xx, elevation xx m and there seem to be no tutorials on how to do it.
  13. I also doubt that laser burnout has been implemented..
  14. So guys. I tried. I loaded a few of GBU 12s and killed a few tanks, everything worked fine. Then they stopped working for me again. Please can you check out this video and tell me what am I doing wrong this time? (I know - I think it is the second launch - was bad, but otherwise I did everything the same way as when it worked and managed to kill at least 5 tanks until they stopped guiding). Link to the vid: https://we.tl/t-0YbLDehSIz For comparison, this was taken right before that, in the same flight. First maybe 5 GBU12s worked like this one, then two didn´t and then with 8th one I recorded the video (first link). I dropped some more, no matter what speed and altitude I tried, they wouldn´t hit the target anymore. https://we.tl/t-yosnykEeJ0
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