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UH-1H side-gunners not following mouse aim?


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Hey everyone :)


So I just obtained UH-1H yesterday thanks to the steam sales! :pilotfly:


Anyways, I've been getting a chance to learn it tonight, but unfortunately I still have one problem.


When I try to use the side gunners, I can look around using the mouse just fine, but the gun aim doesn't follow it :( I've checked the controls, but I'm not allowed to assign any axis commands for the gunner sights, and right now all there is is some keybinds to aim the gun left/right/up/down, but that is extremely slow and completely useless.


How do I assign the gunner aim to mouse look? I can't really seem to figure that one out!

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Hey Flagrum :) Thanks for the reply and help :)


Unfortunately, I can see that the TrackIR aiming is already enabled :( That's kind of weird.

Is "mouse look" actually enabled? Or is the mouse in "click mode"? Try LAlt+C



LAlt+C, not LCtrl+C as I wrote eariler :o)

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