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Info on buttons and switches?

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Is there somewhere that has the information on what the buttons and switches are called to more easily set up the controls?

Trying to setup controls of the Sabre, on the joystick, what are there function names of them so I can correctly assign them to my W Hog.

Is there a diagram of the controls with name labels? :joystick:


Diagrams of the stick and throttle with labels and a list of must have controls to map would make things a lot easier.

As when you start off in a new aircraft you have to setup all this, something to use as a guide would make it a lot easier.

I know someone will pipe up and say that people map out there own, but what im looking for is what the controls are then make my choice if i dont have a button or a switch in that place I can then make my own compromise .

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Not at all piss poor as you put it. There is a quick start manual located in the docs folder within the F-86 installation on DCS


(DCS World/Mods/aircrafts/F-86/Docs)


I downloaded a document in the form of a PDF file from this forum detailing all the available key presses just after I updated. A quick search through the F-86 stuff will soon bring it to light.

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Is there a manual that goes with the Sabre to get info from?

If not that's rather piss poor.


If it were not a beta product, I might be inclined to agree.


Here is the list of keyboard commands, btw.



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I had a look through that, is was helpful, cheers. :thumbup:

But I still dont know what the buttons on the stick and throttle are called so i can correctly map them. The button on LHS middle on stick(counter measure button) and the button and switch on the throttle?

In the docs it says to hold down TAB when in the process of lining up on a target, what button is that on the controls? or do i have to send a message in the chat window that im locking up a target?:megalol:

There are labels for everything else but.

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