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    DCS:World and most of the parts;Rise of Flight; IL2:BOS & BOM; Prepar3d; CloD (TF mod); Kerbal Space Program; Xplane
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    Animals, 19/20th century history, aircraft, photography, et. al.
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    Trying to convince the IRS that my dogs are tax deductible, no luck so far.

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  1. It was not intended as a personal attack and if it was seen that way then I apologize. You are also correct that Ells is the most responsible for this mess although I have a feeling that certain people pushed him into putting more on his plate than he was capable of dealing with. In the end, it is what it is and it is unfixable.
  2. Hmm, can't help but notice that Pman hasn't come up with a response after two days. Probably going to be a case of he said/she said, but I think those of us were around at the know the truth.
  3. Interesting take since that is not the way it was presented by VEAO or ED when it occured.
  4. They should be fairly close to my house tomorrow. They did not publish the altitude with the flight path so I am just hoping for a good look.
  5. Webster Dictionary (I know Subs will say they are wrong too) The pot calling the kettle black.
  6. Communicate only via snail mail, and do that in code. Do not share anything online. Pay for everything in cash. Oh, and have a plan to kill everyone that knows your real name. ;) Not a solution but a start. ;)
  7. The Oxford dictionary is wrong, most scientist are wrong, etc. How is it that Subs is the only one with 'correct' information? I can't imagine that the folks in Heaven would limit their communication to only one person out of the 7.5 billion people on the planet.
  8. The folks from Heaven don't have to follow the actual physical laws of the universe. ;)
  9. Search stolen valor on YouTube. Many of them are not young at all. This is a major issue in my mind and should be addressed whenever it is discovered. I never served but my parents are buried in Arlington National Cemetery.
  10. Trying to find a vid from a member that used PF music as a background to a video in remembrance of his father.
  11. cichlidfan


    Man, Subs really needs to share since he obviously has a better connection than I do.
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