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Dora not correctly allocated callsigns by M-E -Bug?


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Just found what may be a bug as I don't believe I've done anything differently to what I normally do when building a MP mission. The mission is 4 playable FW190s and 4 playable P-51s. As you can see I've allocated Dodge 11, 21,31,41 to the FW190s and Enfield 11,21,31,41 to the P51s in the M-E. However in the start of the mission where you pick your aircraft the P51s are fine but the FW190s are all allocated a call sign of 0 or O (it's a bit hard to tell which - I think it's a zero)


I'll continue to fiddle about to see if there is some way to make it work.

Note that I've opened the generated .miz file and the call signs appear correct there so it's probably not a drastic problem.



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