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small prob with export


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I have a small problem in that I have helios and I-vibe seat set up and for this to work I have an Export.lua in my saved games/Scripts folder, All modules work fine except F86 Sabre.

If I have this Export.lua in my savegames F86 crashes DCS on load of the module.

the only way to start F86 module is to remove Export.lua each time.

I have attached the .lua file. that allows export of helios guages for A10C,KA50&FC3 + intellivibe seat + Arduino boards.


I hope someone at Belsimtek can find what is different to F86 from all other modules.



AMD A8-5600K @ 4GHz, Radeon 7970 6Gig, 16 Gig Ram, Win 10 , 250 gig SSD, 40" Screen + 22 inch below, Track Ir, TMWH, Saitek combat pedals & a loose nut behind the stick :thumbup:

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