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Simulating insertions?


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Ok I know how to make the transport choppers orbit on a point at low altitude, but how can I make some infantry appear once the helicopter is orbiting? (Is possible to make them appear kneeling?) and after few seconds start moving to their own business? Thats what I want to get.


At same time, once a helo is orbiting, how can I make them resume their own navigation? Currently they keep orbiting forever.


I want to represent infantry insertion with transport choppers.



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If the chopper will be at a fix location, place infantry at that location with the late activation option checked. Place a trigger zone on the spot as well.


Use a trigger to activate the infantry when the helicopter is in the zone and has a low enough speed.


Orbits have start and stop conditions, set a stop condition for the orbit in the ME advanced waypoint options menu.

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Check out the mission I have attached. I did this as a test a while back, it's a simple mission where an AI HIP flies to a base, lands. Infantry runs toward the HIP. It takes off and flies to another location. Lands and the Infantry runs toward the bridge to engage some infantry.


It's a very small proof of concept mission so it should work with the current version of DCS.


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