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  1. I will love a J-7, specially the variant exported to Pakistan, so we can use on the possible Afghan map!
  2. I know, and AdA Cr and Ct's use refuelling probes and Magic missiles.
  3. Looks strange in that colors, no refuelling probe and the Sidewinder on wings.
  4. Good luck with the project man! Hope you suceed!
  5. Can ED please share the needed code that allow modders to create AI gunners for helicopters please? That would be awesome.
  6. Thanks for sharing, looking forward to try it.
  7. I'm using Eastern part of PG map as turned upside down Libya/chad map. Anyone can skin this one please?
  8. I know that the RPG 7 is not really smokey, but I will like to request a update to this smoke mod or a small alternative mod that adds smoke to the launch of the ED RPG, the fly and if possible the grenade explosion so it look similar to the AAA puff. Possible? It will improve my chances of seeing those bastards when they fire.
  9. I would be happy with fixed bugs and the option to choose the HGU-2 helmet for the pilot.
  10. Priorities... sigh. Anyway, an official update that clarifies voice/Petrovich improvement status is what we need.
  11. I plan to hit something, lol.
  12. Seen tons of vids of war in Ukraine where Ka52 loft rocket volleys to a unseen target. Is there any way to simulate this tactic in DCS Ka50?
  13. I really really hope they can give us the option for the older HGU-2 helmet system to better replicate different air forces. Fingers crossed.
  14. No, hope so, but no, is a map proposed here in the forums. I think is the proper size and a very good area covered. Of course a lot ODS airfields are left out to the south, but we can still use some in Saudi Arabia, the Harrier FARPs and fly all the way north to Baghdad. Also it covers a lot of Iran-Iraq war area and a bit of the Gulf itself.
  15. IIRC historically the Tomcats never carried the Phoenix while in Mediterranean deployments, maybe caused by the confined space?
  16. Thats what I tought, thanks everyone for trying it!!
  17. Anyone know where in Syrian map is the valley in 0:33 in this video? Thanks!
  18. Any chance of a IranAir skin for the civilian mod??
  19. It's me or is not flyable anymore? Any solution?
  20. It would be a very neat addition to the Su-35S and the Su-30. Even the older Su-33 used it in combat in Syria!
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