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Small animation bug?


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Tail wheel collapse simulated, but animation missing?


I'm not sure if this is battle damage or me landing poorly i.e with side-slip? I took some hits from a ZU-23 AAA site and was RTB with oil pressure problems.


But the tail wheel sinks into the tarmac rather than into the fuselage.


On the post flight debrief: It's listed 2 seconds after landing as a tail wheel lock failure.




FW190 ground attack practise1.trk

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So has anyone else seen this before - I've stalled and dropped the plane from a metre or two before and not seen this - I've done my share of bouncing (straight), ...& bouncing (not so straight)... busting the wing off, you name it... but never had (or maybe never noticed) this before?


The landing was poor as floated, slow & low (but ended up quite right sided and not straight touch down) ...but really quite low vertical speed!


I mean I like it, variation of failures is a good thing, just wish the tail wheel had a failure animation - but it's good! Don't get me wrong - maybe it's in the works already?




It would be cool if a Moderator or someone from Ed could let me know what they think as well, and if it needs to be reported as missing an animation, or something else. Thanks.


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I forgot to mention I thought I had...


The above track was just a quick training mission where I was practising dive bombing a AAA site and surprise surprise I got wanged - leading to an oil leak - nice texture on the under side of the engine cowl... by the way.


it would be great if on triggering an oil leak, as well as the usual engine management problems... the aircraft actually started trailing smoke / oil vapour (i.e. the exhaust effect).


Great module!

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