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Problem with pith in FC3 using Warthog


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Haven't flew DCS/FC for a long long time but just got back to play to enjoy my Oculus Rift DK2. I got a strange problem in FC3 that I'd really appreciate anyone's helps.


My Thurstmaster Warthog HOTAS was working fine with FC2 before. I used same profile I made with FC2 and made sure in Option/Control all the axises were assigned correctly and X, Y, Z from Warthog all are perfectly calibrated in DCS.


So far everything seems to be fine except that the pitch is severely limited. I tried A-10 and F-15 instance action missions, and in either aircraft when I pull up the stick the aircraft will only pitch up to 20-30 degrees. Then it's like that I'd bumped into kind of pitch limiter or sth, the aircraft begins to rattle and refuses to further pitch up. This happens whenever I pull or push the stick beyond 20-30 degrees. It may appear like aircraft is going to stall but I'm pretty sure at those speeds they shouldn't be stalling at all.


I have no problem in roll (axis X), throttle (axis Z), and yaw (by CH Pro pedal). Again, in DCS Option/Control/Axis menu all axises including Y/pitch moves and calibrates perfectly fine.


So is there some kind of new settings that I'm missing in FC3 or sth weird happening between FC3 and my Warthog?


Thanks a lot!

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