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LUA Questions: Linking to DCS (commands)


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Hello again friendly mission makers!


I've finally had a little time to get some scripting done to work on my mission. I'm starting to get the hang of lua. Classes working, functions returning, all that jazz.


So I can interact with my script from DCS, but I'm now stuck because my script cannot interact with DCS yet.


What I'm looking for is a list of DCS commands that can be accessed via lua.


A few examples:


I want references to specific groups.

I want to get the names of all the active clients.

I want to add and remove radio commands for players.

I want to be able to change flags. - Done! (e.g trigger.action.setUserFlag(10, 1) - sets flag 10 to 1)

I want to be able to tell dcs to load another script file from a location.

I want to add weight to a player aircraft.


I'm guessing there must be a place where I can find this information. But I couldn't find it in any of the stickies.


MIST is available, but it does far more than I need from my scripts. I want to keep mine lightweight and modular.


Thanks for reading!


-- edit - sorry - I am aware of this (parts 1 and 2)



I had seen this in the past, but forgotten about it. Am reviewing again now.

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Official documentation on the ED wiki:




Adding weight to an aircraft and getting information about MP players are not possible from a mission script as far as I know. SlMod might expose some info about connected players to mission scripts.

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Thanks, Ian.


I'll have to look at SiMod when I get some free time then.


Witchcraft is working nicely for me btw :) Great mod.


I'm surprised there is nothing to add weight by standard, it seems like something a lot of people would want to do.

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