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Firstly I have to admit I have no clue what will happen when EDGE and DCS 2.0 are out, so these wishes are just based on current situation. I tried to motivate why I wish for especially these units below. My wishlist does not contain AI 4+ gen fighter aircraft (even though I'd gladly see Rafale/Gripen/F/A-18E/MiG-35 etc), as I understand there is too little good information out there about them and they are time-consuming to make even in AI form.




Antonov An-12: This used to the backbone of the Soviet/Russian Air force. With the MiG-21 and MiG-15 modules being introduced it would be nice to have a cargo plane from that era in the AI inventory (even though they are still widely used even today by civilian operators).


Boeing 737: Any country you add to DCS World will have an airline that operates this aircraft. It would be nice to have a civilian airliner in DCS World, and in my opinion this would be the best choice. Don't know if there are some licence issues using real world airline liveries though.




Eurocopter Super Puma/Cougar: It would be nice to have a non-US NATO helicopter in the game. This helicopter is in use with several of the European NATO -countries currently in DCS World. Considering the new map Straits of Hormuz, the Super Puma is also operational with the UAE Air force.


Naval Units


Some more NATO presence would be on my wishlist. Mainly what I wish for is a Amphibious/Helicopter -carrier type of ship from some European Navy. The Spanish Navy Santa María -class and Australian Navy Adelaide -class would be easy additions as they are Oliver H. Perry -class ships.


Ground Units I think I skip on my wishlist this time. The conditions for proper ground war do not exist at the moment (all map objects are transparent), maybe a few more NATO ground vehicles to balance out the current selection, don't know.


In general I hope that the developers will take a minute to update the existing country+unit list. (For example, in real life Australia operates C-17 Globemaster, France operates the E-2C Hawkeye, Israel has never operated the LAV-25 etc.) They could also make the F-4 available for the US now when the MiG-21 is going to be out soon. (It's available for Germany even though they don't operate it anymore as well)


Just my 2c :pilotfly:

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Instead of any new units or anything, I'd be happy if they improved the infantry AI. Currently they behave more like armor, which leads to any attacking force getting killed. If modules like the Huey and Mi-8 are to continue to be produced, infantry are most likely going to continue to play a large part in their missions just like they do in real warfare. And we all know that working with infantry in this game aren't exactly the most immersive. Therefore I feel the AI of the infantry is going to need a massive overhaul, as long as helicopter modules are being made.

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