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Missing texture medal for Italian pilot Awards


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looks like there is one missing texture for one (wrong) medal award for Italian pilots:


Accordingly to db-counties.lua files there should be one medal called "Dannebrogordenen Ridderkors af 1. grad" associated to the "DEN-04-Order_of_Danneburg_Knight_1st_Degree.png" texture file:


   award('Commemorative Medal of Peace Operations', _('Commemorative Medal of Peace Operations'), 200,  'IT-01-Commemorative_Medal_of_Peace_Operations.png'),
   award('Honor Decoration Interforce', _('Honor Decoration Interforce'), 600,  'IT-02-Honor_Decoration_Interforce.png'),
   award('NATO Medal for Merits', _('NATO Medal for Merits'), 1000, 'IT-03-NATO_Medal_for_Merits.png'),
   award('Dannebrogordenen Ridderkors af 1. grad', _('Dannebrogordenen Ridderkors af 1. grad'), 1400, 'DEN-04-Order_of_Danneburg_Knight_1st_Degree.png'), // <<--- MISSING!!!!
   award('Bronze Medal for Military Valour', _('Bronze Medal for Military Valour'), 1800, 'IT-04-Bronze_Medal_for_Military_Valour.png'),
   award('Silver Medal for Military Valor', _('Silver Medal for Military Valor'), 2200, 'IT-05-Silver_Medal_for_Military_Valor.png'),
   award('Cross of Aeronautical Merit Bronze', _('Cross of Aeronautical Merit Bronze'), 2600, 'IT-06-Cross_of_Aeronautical_Merit_Bronze.png'),
   award('Silver Cross of Merit Air Force', _('Silver Cross of Merit Air Force'), 3000, 'IT-07-Silver_Cross_of_Merit_Air_Force.png'),                       
   award('Gold Cros of Merit Aeronautical', _('Gold Cros of Merit Aeronautical'), 4000, 'IT-8-Gold_Cros_of_Merit_Aeronautical.png'),                       


Howevere there is (obviously) no such textue file into "DCSWorld\MissionEditor\data\images\Countries\Italy\Awards" folder (it is actually prresent into "DCSWorld\MissionEditor\data\images\Countries\Denm ark\Awards" folder).


Quick fix is to copy the missing file into the "DCSWorld\MissionEditor\data\images\Countries\Italy\Awards" but I guess that should be replaced with another medal...


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