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R-3S tracking head on aspect


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https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/3378078/DCS/MiG-21vsF-4Dogfight2.acmi (Tacview ACMI)


in this quick dogfight of 4 MiG-21 vs 4 F-4 I gave the 3 AI MiG's and myself 4 R-3S infrared rear aspect (???) missiles and the Phantoms 4 Aim-9P and no cannon


the MiG's wipe the floor completely but they are able to shoot their R-3S head on and hit while the F-4 can only shoot from rear aspect (they do shoot if given the opportunity, but they didn't get it in this fight)


should the R-3S be able to track from head on? I don't get any tone when trying to use it head on myself and can't launch so I'm wondering if this is another AI cheat that should be fixed.


what about the R-60A and R-60M. Should they be able to track an F-4 in AB from head on, even in the presence of flares?

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