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  1. I've been struggling with this since I'm not in VR. for now I turn off the IHADS I want to use the TEDAC screen without the video overlay on the IHADS but still have IHADS on so I don't need to click "i" again after I'm done using TEDAC. Is it accurate that the Video overlay comes up on IHADS even if the NVS switch is set to off. Is it accurate that TADS is de-selected when you turn NVS switch to off?
  2. I'd be curious to hear more about the internal differences? The only one I know of is that the D model is Longbow radar compatible though it doesn't always fly with it equipped. I imagine there's a number of other avionics improvements?
  3. its the controls on the RIO's HCU (hand control unit, the stick). Look for Half action and Full action, those should be 1st detent and 2nd detent respectively
  4. How does stored heading INS alignment on the carrier work? I would have thought that the carrier constantly moving and maybe changing heading would make any stored data redundant, but it is still possible in the F-14? Does anybody know how that works in technical terms?
  5. Same issues for me. I don't understand why there's issues in Multiplayer but not in Single Player? The graphics are the same
  6. I'd say, high and fest without afterburner will get you the best fuel economy, generally holds true for all jet aircraft. It might even be worth it to engage the burner, to accelerate and once you're fast with minimal AoA (and thus minimal drag) you can cut back out of burner and you'll cruise high subsonic with low fuel flow due to the altitude.
  7. the Threat symbology section of the RWR chapter http://www.heatblur.se/F-14Manual/general.html#threat-symbology lists R-27 as creating an "M" symbol. I believe this is an error as the M symbol should be generated by radars mounted on Active Radar Guided missiles. the R-27 is Semi-active unlike the other missiles listed. the first listed missile, the MICA should perhaps be edited to show MICA EM, as there is also an IR guided variant, the MICA IR Navigation System http://www.heatblur.se/F-14Manual/general.html#navigation-system sections reads should this not read Aim-54 instead of Aim-7?
  8. Missing reference link in the "Air Source and Cockpit Air Controls" section http://www.heatblur.se/F-14Manual/general.html#air-source-and-cockpit-air-controls Missing s in the word Display in this section http://www.heatblur.se/F-14Manual/general.html#tactical-information-display-tid-and-associated-controls TID Control Panel subsection 2nd paragraph as well as in AN/ALR-67 RWR Section http://www.heatblur.se/F-14Manual/general.html#an-alr-67-rwr
  9. Having the same problem as OP. I don't know if the most recent expansions made it worse but the PG maxes out my ram almost instantly in MP and stutters or freezes completely when I look around. CPU usage is low and my performance looks similar to the screenshot of Task maneger that OP posted. I have 16GB DDR3. Should I expect to need 16GB DDR4 or even 32GB of DDR4 to run it well? anyone running PG with 16GB DDR3 RAM?
  10. This is what you want: Voice attack plugin that connects it directly to the DCS API (avoiding having to manually create macros) https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=198297
  11. The Changelog for the most recent update as of Jan 10 includes this item Added P-51D to Greece. Why? Why add one aircraft to one nation like this randomly? What about F-16, MiG-29 and Mirage-2000 missing from several Nations as well as the myriad of aircraft and ground units already included in DCS operated by various nations already included in DCS but not available. I don't understand the hotchpotch way this is being done. One update we get P-51 added to Greece. a previous one, we get a handful of aircraft added to Iran because that's suddenly become relevant with the PG map. Meanwhile the rest of the nations deliberately added to DCS by ED are completely ignored. Even Persian Gulf states that you would think would all be relevant now are mostly ignored such as Bahrain, Saudi-Arabia and Kuwait. :huh:
  12. Honestly I'd say its the exact opposite. Releasing incomplete buggy modules early that stay incomplete for long times have hurt ED's and Razbam's reputation for being able to deliver completed modules. Waiting a while longer to release a more complete module would also be my move if I was a developer.
  13. Thank you very much for your response. I'm happy Just knowing that it was not left up to Script writer and voice acter knowledge but that SME's have been consulted.
  14. posting this in the hope that someone from Heatblur will take time to respond Will JESTER be using appropriate BREVITY or is it up to whatever brevity knowledge the script writers and the voice acter has? I heard "DIRT 12'o clock" in the latest life stream, and wondering if that is correct Brevity?
  15. - Steam releases are always a while after standalone releases - I'd say ED support is better on standalone, there's been a number of issues with steam compatibility in the past, though I think its better now. - If you buy via Steam, then Steam takes a cut of the money meaning less funds for ED for future development. - I always advice people I play with to buy standalone just to make sure we are all able to get the same updates at the same time. - you get a little more control over your file directory by not having it in steam in case of modding/tweaking. my 2 cents
  16. I would prefer to use Russian/US skins for aircraft with missing defaults rather than not have them available at all
  17. Very good. But that doesn't answer the question why the reminder of the countries inventory isnt being done too. Even just with default skins. What's the point of having Poland in the game if they have no mig29 and f-16 available?
  18. Saw these 2 items in the most recent changelog what I don't get is why just C-130 and F-4E? and why Serbia? what about the myriad of other states they've included that still have only the inventory units that defaults to be available to all? what about the inventories of Poland, Czech Republic, Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Belarus, USSR etc. etc. etc. doing just Serbia seems so utterly random.
  19. I appreciate the links, genuinely but I'm almost certain it wasn't those. From how I remember it, it was plans to start a carrier based air war against Iran similar to what was waged against Vietnam. Championed by a overzealous admiral or General (I forget).
  20. I remember reading a wikipedia article a long time ago about a planned operation for US navy to attack Iran. From what I remember it was a specific US general who was strongly in favor of it, but the President refused it and it never amounted to anything. I don't remember the exact time but I'm fairly certain it was during the cold war era. Does anyone know what this operation was called? I remember thinking it would make a good scenario for DCS when the Persian gulf map came out, but now I can't find it at all.
  21. both the MiG-29S and J-11 can carry R-77 although the radars admittedly leaves a lot to be desired
  22. throttle to idle and airbrakes out in order to to manege your speed. the Su-25 looses pitch authority at high speed which will make you a lawn dart. altitude, as high as you need to locate and refine your aim, release as early as possible, as late as necessary. don't forget to throw out counter measures during your attack
  23. - Quora user here: https://www.quora.com/Why-does-the-flame-behind-fighter-jets-appear-blue-in-the-night this might be hard to model but it would be cool to have. I love the blue flame. (if you can't tell, left is in game, and right is real life)
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