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Waypoints not shown on the kneeboard

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Just started a UH-1H campaign I downloaded called Crazy Horse.


I tried it not so long ago but gave up after I found I was in a flight of 8 UH-1H and it killed my frame rate...


Anyhow I've gone back to it as framerate seems to have improved (seemingly because I now seem to lead the flight of 3 other UH-1H with call sign Enfield, or at least they follow me, and the other 4 UH-1H (Springfield) aren't anywhere near me).


However I've noted a problem with it (which may or may not be related to recent patches, but more than likely is...).


On the kneeboard I'm sure the first time I tried the mission in question (the first 1) that the waypoints were displayed properly. I can see in the mission editor there's 7 of them, but all I'm getting shown on the kneeboard is waypoint 0 - where I take off from.


Is there any way I can fix the mission (and any others with the same issue) so that the kneeboard dispalys the waypoints as it should?


Thanks in advance.




EDIT - Nevermind, I've deleted the campaign. It seems the 1st mission is broken, presumably by the more recent patches, because one UH-1H does an emergency landing and I'm supposed to pick the guys up, but I can't seem to! I'm supposed to use a "Descent Menu" but that option isn't present in the comms menu. And I appear to be the wrong call sign, it calls for Springfield 1-1 to pick the guys up, that UH-1H has already landed elsewhere, and I'm Enfield 1-3! I've looked in the ME and I'm supposed to be Springfield 1-1!

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If you check the mission planner there are no waypoints as you are supposed to follow the other flight. You can add your own waypoints in the editor and resave it.



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