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[COCKPITMOD] FW190D9 Black pit metal mod


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was this authentic in fw190 as well?


Yes. Towards the end of the war they decided to get more contractors to produce parts for the luftwaffe. The metalindustry and companies were overstressed so they needed to look to alternatives.


Props, flaps, tails and panels were made out of wood for example instead of aluminium and other metals.


Red 13 for example had wooden flaps instead of aluminium flaps.


Heres a replica of an early FW190 panel



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Is there any chance this cockpit will make a return? (assuming it's matt black like the screenshot you posted)


Really don't like the tree stuff in both the 190 and 109, to the degree that i'm thinking of "modding" it in myself, with no experience in really texturing stuff.

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Mod removed since metal A frame is now ingame standard.


Not in my build :cry: only the greyish wood!

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