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can't select ground crew options


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When creating a mission and setting a neutral airport to red side, I notice even if you set availability for Russian weapons and fuel resupply, the ground crew option is grayed out, yet if i select equip night vision instruction or rearm to ground crew while it's grayed out it still supplies me with the item in question even though the white radio command is not available.


I set up a night mission and set Batumi to be red, i set up equip for re supply to be available, I set a night op at 11pm, yet i couldn't select ground crew so i could ask for NVGs, it was blacked out, yet if i went ahead and selected the blacked out command and asked for them, it copied and gave me that NVGS.


is this a error?

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Just to be sure, the aircraft you're placing is also on red side, right? :)


You could maybe try putting down some of the support vehicles (e.g. Ural-375), maybe that's what the radio menu is looking for to know if it can provide ground crew? They shouldn't be necessary for an airbase AFAIK but I always put them in anyway.


Alternatively it might be blacked out because the comms system isn't online. Which key are you using to bring up the menu? I think there's probably a different key for the comms menu in general (\, maybe) and for the radio mic switch. Might make sense if the options are 'disabled' if you're using the radio, but they still 'hear' you anyway if you have your engines off.


Edit: though I've just tried and failed to reproduce this, using a Ka-50.

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