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Modular panels

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Hello crowd!


Me and my friend are developing a modular panel system to be used in simulators (well, anything you might need to use one at actually), we're doing a bit of a test run to test some of the tech and to get some feedback from you guys.


While these are never going to be 1:1 with actual fighter panels, we are going to allow players to easily create affordable mockups that function just like the real ones would, but you can customise the way they look and choose button placement yourself. The whole point is affordability and modularity.


Since this is purely a test ptototype, it doesn't look like much and uses ready made parts, don't let that fool you. Machined parts with engraving etc. will be available when we actually start to sell these.


Anyways, check this pdf and letm e know your thoughts so far, any questions etc. are more tan welcome!



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Very good questions!


This first batch is purely to test out some things we have in mind and thus is limited to only the buttons mentioned in the PDF and it is offered to anyone who is interested in having a cheap few-buttons-only solution.


The actual product will be in few varying sizes. And yes, you can use a number of them at the time. You should be able to build a whole cockpit out of these if necessary once we are able to offer a variety of panels, buttons etc.


The good thing here is that this system is coming from *sim flyers* to other sim flyers, from the needs we've had when flying simulators :)

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So here's a bit of a prototype render of the future modular panel, for those interested.. you can see the direction we are going towards and that is a bit different from the one we are offering now.


Any thoughts?



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