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Slot reservation script


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This script "reserves" the slots for specific clients.

Haven't seen someone post a script like that, although I know there are a few places who has something similar.


How to use it -

1. At the start of the script change the required names according to the pilot names.

Example -

--Reservation info
local reservedUnits = 
[1] = "Xcom",
[2] = "Test"


2. When creating the plane/helicopter you want to reserve, make sure the unit name (not group name) is set the same as in the reservedUnits name you put in.

3. Load MIST as initialization script (or just before the reservedUnits script).

4. Load the reservedUnits script.


What it does is -

1. Gives a message to the wrong player who entered the reserved unit.

First message - 10 seconds warning.

Second message - 5 seconds warning.

Third message - Being kicked out of the plane message.

Forth message - After kicked instruction not to take reserved units.


Script - https://www.dropbox.com/sh/mzcfc109u75ej50/AACrXYeSlDB7ykML-sEd1577a?dl=0

Mission example - https://www.dropbox.com/sh/mzcfc109u75ej50/AACrXYeSlDB7ykML-sEd1577a?dl=0



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