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  1. there is something wrong with the dates for the dyamond league .... it marks May... Gold too! https://splashonegaming.com/satal/
  2. Congrats at IRIAF and ECV56, Thx for the match! Thx Moltar for your remarkable Work!
  3. 64th Aggressors TS offline
  4. Congrats at RVE! Very nice Fight!
  5. Congratulations to the TAWs in the Diamond League and the Pan Squadron in the Gold League. Both teams proved to be well prepared and close-knit! Thanks to the SATAL organizers
  6. At the cinema? I m' ready to buy the ticket! Nice Guys!!!!!
  7. Logo From 36° Stormo Virtuale https://forums.eagle.ru/attachment.php?attachmentid=205971&stc=1&d=1552129427
  8. The examples on the front page are no longer available, someone can recharge them. THX in advice
  9. Mario... la tua versione è pulita o ha mod? Per il multy ti consiglio una versione pulita
  10. I need a tutorial to implement Stats for server like Burning Sky http://stats.burning-skies.com/?season= http://stats.burning-skies.com/en/planes-ranking.html?season= THX
  11. Sarò uno dei primi, tienici aggiornati!
  12. Edward, prenderesti ordinativi?
  13. Ottima presentazione! Complimenti per la grafica e le scelte che avete fatto per identificarvi come Stormo! Ci si becca nei cieli virtuali in qualche Coop o qualche PVP!
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