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Question regarding ejected client


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hi gents,


almost sorry for creating a new topic, found some more or less relating topics, but didnt want to necro them...


all those topics said, that it is possible to get the coordinats of an ejection, place an infantry there on the ground, add a FM signal, etc.


my question is simple:

when a client ejects, can you actualy "read" when he is on the ground and then add a FM signal to the client as long as a player is in the aircraft slot?


i know, that the position itself is not synced if the client is moving his ejected ego, so most likely he would not be "allowed" to move :D


thanks for information on this,



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I'm not sure how to catch the pilot object.


To test I would run an event handler and print all the events out to show if there is a birth event for example after an ejection event.


If that doesn't work, maybe run a searchObjects at the area where the ejection occurred right after the ejection event it cought -


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