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cant acces options menu for monitor setup


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hi, i have a bit of a problem. i wanted to start dcs with my 3 monitor setup and messes something up. im pretty shure i can solve it if i would have acces to the options menu. problem i only have the "middle" monitor displayed, see attached screenhot. i already made a fresh install, same result... any other way to acces options? thanks i would really like to try 1.5 out!


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Confirmed this will 'fix' the issue. Navigate to User/Saved Games/DCS.openbeta/Config and delete the options.lua


When you restart DCS it will reset the defaults. I had this issue as well. I switched resolution and it set the aspect ratio to 1.something.


It would be nice to always have access to the Options menu, even if you mess up like this.

i7-6700K, Gigabyte GTX1080 8GB , MSI Z170A, 32GB, 750W


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