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(We are now flying on 1.5 so i have no idea where to post this because a want an answer for this version of the sim so if it's in the wrong section SORRY and please by all means move it)



As we all know, the time spent on RTB or until you reach the objective can be sometimes boring so i made on my server a music radio station. Basicly i used some triggers and a unit that transmits the radio message on a given frequency.

All good for DCS level modules BUT you can hear it in FC3 modules and you can't stop it because the radio is not fully simulated so no matter what frequency i use the players that play on FC3 modules will constantly hear the music.

Is there ANY workaround other than unplugging the speakers or headphones:P ?

Any help is welcome at this point i'm out of solutions ... even if i set the transmission on 0 Mhz the damn FC3 modules can hear it; my friends go crazy because of my 40s music (i fly alot of FW-190 ) :helpsmilie:

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