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Possible to control forcefeedback via LUA scripts?


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I don't know if this is a silly question or not, but I was wondering to what extend is controlling the force feedback of MS SW II possible via LUA scripts.


I've found the trimmer, invertX and invertY values of course in the vanilla input LUAs, but I was wondering if different "modes" of the FFB could be controlled via LUA?


My aim is to add full force to the X-axis of the joystick, while applying some "friction" to the Y-axis. I.e. the X-axis would always center, and the Y-axis would stay where set. Is this possible?


I think that this. plus removing the twist spring would make a pretty decent DIY collective stick for the UH-1h.. Another option would be some kind of physical mod to the stick itself eliminating the X-axis movement, but if possible I'd not modify the stick physically.

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