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Realistic RWR Audio


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I believe introducing realistic audio tones into DCS World would add to emersion and allow pilots to distinguish radars and potentially radar mode/intent. Some in-game RWRs don't identify specific radars, but rather radar type.


IRL, RWR audio is used to supplement the identification process. Additionally, the intensity of the tone provided some indication as to whether or not the radars main beam is staring at them(indicating a lock on) or if the radar was relatively close(as compared to the same radar's audio at various ranges)



I understand that the data required to build these audio files is in most cases classified (PRF, PD, Frame set, beamwidth, Scan type and time). But I estimate that a 75% solution could be built with the available resources online. Many online institutes maintain parametric information on pre-90s era radars, and others have relatively smart estimates on what they think the parameters are, based on the function and characteristics of the radar itself. I truly believe that even a 30% solution would be better than the audio we have now.

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