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UH-1 Huey issue, please help

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Here's what I wrote to support trying to get this straightened out....

If anyone has any ideas about this then please let me know.




Game mode and Sim mode on the UH-1


It works with the KA-50 and you can literally see the difference. When the KA-50 is using the Game setting and not the sim all the axis controls are limited and a lot easier to fly and the helicopter does not go all over the place. When the KA-50 is in Sim mode then it's very hard to control and there's all kinds of torque on the tail. I know this is how helicopters fly and they are not like RC models that have gyro's installed helping with torque and if I had a really good setup then this would be the way to fly but I have a lesser quality of joystick with a twist grip for rudder and it works fine on the KA-50 in game mode.


No matter what the settings are on the UH-1, it still flies wild and crazy like the KA-50 in Sim mode even though I select to use Game mode for the UH-1. There is no difference between the two versions (game and Sim) modes on the UH-1 and I can not fly the model this way with what I have right now.


The only reason I purchased it was because I knew it had these two different settings (game and Sim) modes so I figured it would fly like the KA-50 in game mode making things easier for me but it does not.


Yes, it is written into the config file but it's not using these settings at all. I know there's something not working right because other people had asked about it and are concerned about it on other forums and post so I know I'm not the only one with this problem.


So if this is how it is then what can we do about this because game mode flight is no different then the sim mode and I can not fly this thing. Believe me I wouldn't be wasting time on here writing you about this if it was working. I can't fly it!. And yes I have my setting correct for avionics and all the others. Again it works fine with the KS-50 but not the UH-1 in the same settings and there is no difference between these setting in the actual flying of the UH-1.


Thanks for your reply... I hope we can get this sorted out.



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Repaints I've created (screens only)


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You posted in Lock On subforum. Lock On forum is a legacy forum for old unsupported anymore Lock On game that has no helicopters for players. You should have posted in http://forums.eagle.ru/forumdisplay.php?f=277


Other than that.


Ka 50 is a very very automated machine. When in sim mode is very easy to fly if you take the time to really really understand what it tries to do with is uber auto pilot.


Uh1-H is a more basic machine to begin with, has no autopilot, just a trimmer. You really need to fly this machine.


Also you need to take in consideration that UH1H is made by Belsimtek after quite a few years ED made Ka-50. The mathematics behind UH1H might be more polished now.


Finally... Game mode might smooth the ride for the player in unexpected ways. I didn't used such mode ever but if you look at an arcade car game you can see that the car can be very very non-intuitive for some people that know how a car should behave in real life. Same can happen for a neutered mode like "game mode".


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