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  1. One thing I re-discovered today. If you search on youtube for "Uncontrollable turn" you will find an old movie with a I16 landing and after the plane rolls a little bit after landing it does something the I16 in DCS does very often when landing... was quite funny to see.
  2. Yeah, can you reproduce that with some margin of safety or reproducibility? Also if you look at many youtube videos with the I16 it seems is floating gracefully when taking off or landing even if a bit more than the pilot might want. But if you do that in the sim... at least for me... it's a ground loop or worse guarantee. This is connected with the impression I have that the plane is not smooth on take off run. I have looked in the Russian manual and at page 32 there is a picture with the controls on the rudder and tail wheel and it seems it had some control over the tail wheel through some springs. So... probably it should be all messy and mushy but imho is a bit aggressive but it could be some limitation of the simulation and also maybe it works better at 60fps (as most simulation work better at better FPS) and I have roughly 20... The flaps deployment reaction in flight is just an open question. Some planes pitch up some pitch down... depends on many factors I suppose but I would have guessed it should pitch down and lose speed much faster. As I said... maybe I am wrong. I also have a Warthog with an almost 25cm extension I 3D printed myself so it's not big issue but feels unnatural a little. I noticed that the guy said it has no flaps but unless you understood same thing in Russian then it could simply be a rough translation... Maybe he said he doesn't uses flaps. He speaks a lot compared with the translation.. I think the translation is just a summary of what he says.
  3. For me the mixture axis acts like a button. Only On Off at the ends of it.
  4. Taxi and Take off I can taxi and take off from a runway with almost no problems if I respect rigorously a procedure that works. But it doesn't seem realistic or natural. -the plane seems to be controllable by rudder pedals on ground no matter the position of control column - even fully aft - or the power setting. You can do turns like with a car at low RPM, throttle on idle and stick full aft. This doesn't seem right. Was the plane actually had steerable tail wheel and if so was it that effective? - the plane responds barely and with delay to differential braking also... which makes it difficult to anticipate when you use both methods. - on takeoff the plane transitions from tail on the ground to tail up rather sharp and because is very unstable feels... awkward and very very dangerous. - taking off from unprepared grass is a Russian Roulette for me. In flight Deploying flaps makes the plane pitch up by a significant margin and since there is no trim it gets hard to control as it requires more than half of stick to be pushed forward when on final and it feels like balancing on a ball. Doable but again... doesn't feel right. Also. Flaps don't induce much drag it seems and the pitch up might be incorrect as maybe it should pitch downwards when flaps are deployed depending on quantity of fuel left? Not sure if I am right but since the plane flies straight and level before deploying flaps and the flaps should add drag and move the center of pressure backwards... the plane should slow and pitch down... isn't it? Landing Very difficult still to control... like the test pilot from the I-16 video but still feels very very dangerous because it feels depending on luck and almost irreproducible in same conditions same landing. Generally the plane feels without mass I would say or without enough mass so without enough inertia. What the others think of it? What the dev think of it? PS Don't get me wrong.... it a nice little plane but I would like it to feel more real not like a "difficult game to beat by some tricks"
  5. I think a work around for this could be implemented by ED. For example skins could have their countries of origine stated as normal in the description.lua but with a simple tick mark on the side of the drop down list they could be unlocked for all countries if user so wishes. Much like locking now the assets to an era. This way both options would be available.
  6. Most of the times things are not as black and white. People create coalitions in their missions... sometimes you have coalitions with those two countries... then people want to have a Luftwaffe Mig29 to reflect their country in that coalition. But most of the times is just a cool skin and people could not care less about the cocards or crosses and stars and whatever othe nationalistic symbols happen to also be on the skin. But most importantly. There is no point in locking a skin out of a country unless you are offended by that. And then that's on you. Other than that... is an INCLUSIVE option not an EXCLUSIVE option. Nobody would ask to lock a Luftwaffe skin on a Russian country. That would be "beyond" logical.
  7. I have 117GB of liveries for DCS... none installed with DCSLM obviously. SO I would like such program but if it can't work with existing liveries is not very useful to me. Also. A GUI would be nice but if functionality would be high it would work as a command line app. Two features are most interesting to me with few as secondary 1. Ability to see the liveries outside of DCS on a 3d model like DCS Model viewer and quickly be able to delete them. Some are old an maybe buggy and I would like to delete them but is too cumbersome inside DCS to do it as it creates errors when trying to access a livery you've just deleted. Not to mention it needs a lot of Alt-tabbing and fiddling. 2. Optimizing - that is one promise of this program but if it can't do it on existing liveries then... not so important a. Ability to check assigned countries and lock unlock liveries as user wishes for countries and coalitions. What I normally do is load from time to time 1000+ description.luas in Notepadd++ and search for "Countries=" string and just replace it with "--Countries=" everywhere so I unlock the skins. Why skin creators lock their skins behind specific countries is beyond me... it's like wanting people to have them but not to see them... b. Ability to update them - would be nice but even nicer would be to e able to download the skins that a server declares the mission uses or even... in one hundred years maybe... people from the server use and you don't have yet but they pass you the string/url and your game downloads them... hopefully optimized in the future... I know I am dreaming but... who knows... IL-2 sturmovick had this feature.. sure the skins were smaller but big for that time and they were downloaded pee to pee iirc. Even Lomac had something similar I think. Now the skins are really badly optimized... common parts already in game are uselessly introduced only for some minor detail r not even that and also the way they are made are still "old" in DCS... maybe at some point DCS will switch for a more modern way of doing skinning much more like the layers in the templates where most of them are not modified (rivets, dirt, wear, base colors, decals) so they could very well remain in base game and just some layers that are actually new be included in the skin and then transferred. MFS has some... starting measures towards this but not there either.
  8. As I said... I am a glasses wearer. I know how that looks for 40 years You can watch Casmo in one of his early videos about IHADDS before the launch when he said you actually don't see it at all. Like glasses... you have too look for it to see it and also you never ever see it all at once. You need to roll the eye around to "build a complete picture" for few seconds then it vanishes again. If you a referring to the projector tube... that is not main concern. The frame of reflector is. The projector though has the wrong angle as it should be almost 90° off the eye plane but in game is more like 45°... much like in the cartoons where bad guy fires a laser at a reflection in a mirror of Bugs Bunny only to hilariously hit himself with it And I suppose by moving the frame of reflector closer to the cheek from the tip of the nose as it is now that reflector would move closer too and be less visible. As it should be.
  9. zaelu

    Helmet Hanger

    I would like them to also slide
  10. As the title says. I think we need a slider in Special AH-64D settings to move the monocle closer or further from the pilot face in VR. Currently the monocle looks very cool and real and probably when the pilot body will arrive will be even cooler but it seems it's worn on the tip of the nose and not on the eye orbit like it should or like it appears on all Apache AH-64 pilots pictures. The projection itself should stay separate and even locked by ED to a certain size if necessary but the 3D frame of the monocle with its projector tube should be movable back and forward by such a slider. Much like we can set the distance from center of the Ka-50 aiming monocle only on X axis and not on Y. I attached 2 pictures. As a glass wearer myself I can definitely say the monocle would not look as in the second picture (captured from my Quest 2 and granted some of the sides of it are not actually in view in vivo) for a monocle worn like in the first picture. Because each VR headset might be different or each player may prefer a little bit more realism (either gone or almost gone the frame) or less realism but more atmospheric a slider which would adjust this position would be the best option in my opinion.
  11. FM got worse last patch. Like it feels like nothing now. I am no pilot but still... the rest of helicopters are not like that strange... not even the Gazelle.
  12. zaelu

    AH-64D VR

    In most pictures I can see pilots have the monocle as close as a normal glasses only tilted because it needs to reflect the projected images. I wear glasses myself and the frame is visible only if I look for it and normally I cannot distinguish the whole shape of the eye piece, I need to scan around to quickly build a picture of a complete monocle/eye piece. But in game not only that the whole frame of the monocle is visible but a lot of space is around it which translates for it to be almost on the tip of the nose. Second picture shows how my view is projected in my Quest2 (don't worry about the fps... me strong stomach ) It's very cool for now as it is done but maybe with a mod it can be brought closer. Maybe a slider in special options like we have for the Ka50 HMD position.
  13. zaelu

    AH-64D VR

    I wish there was a way to make the monocle closer to the face. moving the head position moves it with the helmet/monocle/NVG together.
  14. zaelu

    AH-64D VR

    It can be misleading but it refers to the inter pupillary distance of the eyes of the pilot in the game. Basically if the pilot is Godzilla with 5 meters between its eyes then the world would really look small as that distance and view is then translated to your natural manually selected IPD from the headset. The problem with adjusting that instead of the model or the view points (IPDs) for specific model by the game dev is that every plane is affected by that setting so is best not to touch it.
  15. After switching to open beta... Look up left in the main menu. You have nine dots/squares that represent the module manager. You should have a red sign signaling you a notification. If you click on it it will tell you that you can now download the AH64D. needless to say you need to be in online mode and logged in in game with your account - this is verifiable also in upper left corner with the simbor that looks like a wifi/GSM icon being active and your name for your account appearing close in the same area.
  16. I think your screenshot might be mis interpreted as a problem? IMHO the IHADDS monocle is a bit too far from the "eye". It would be nice a way to adjust that distance. The NVGs are alsoo too visible and I don't think they would be in real life but maybe that helmet is different than a motorcycle one that I am more used to. it's possible that everything is controlled in the view.lua from module folder. maybe these lines?
  17. C:\users\your name\saved games\DCS or DCS.openbeta\Mods\Aircraft\UH-60L to be more precise
  18. but is should make no difference. for me it works in VR or non VR just the same. I can't remember if it has dependencies like latest dot.net or C++ distributable but just make sure you have them updated and your setup is correct. like Open Beta or release etc.
  19. Hello. Thanks for this wonderful free helicopter (I have all others also and I really appreciate it). Regarding point 6 in your first post, I really suggest you to get in touch with a 3rd Party or become one.
  20. it is all explained here: you can add new radios as you want to configure them or just "install" a radio from another plane of another era to your plane and you could then use it to contact other units. Say you are in a P47 and want to talk with a Hornet driver... for some reason. and here https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/upload/medialibrary/30a/k3o2gik7dkxf2qpk2fram6igpp8egac0/DCS_Voice_Chat_Quick_Start.pdf
  21. All planes that have pilot body can turn it on and off. There was a little problem with Razbam's modules that ignored the option in the misc menu (iirc) to have it On from start of flight but now (supposedly) all is fixed and if you want them on they will be on and then you can toggle them on and off. I maped instead of RCtrl+P the Num0 key whych is easy to find in VR. I actually remaped a lot of keyboard keys for VR as by default are useless. All Numpad numbers for example. Are linked to moving around the camera to set up a better default View. Arrows for kneeboard down for showing the kneeboard, up for marking position and left/right for pages. Also Z key is useless having a HOTAS and pedals so is replacing the LAlt+' for rearm menu. X is briefing. Enter is replacing RCtrl+Enter for input viewer and Insert, Home, PG UP/Dwn, End and Del keys are now used to move between seats and toggle mirrors or doors etc.
  22. why use meshsmooth? I am 90 years old and I remember back in the day meshsmooth is basicaly self disqualifying your work. It's like putting a pound of colorful spices on a plate before presenting it to the jury.
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