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"Creating a realistic A-10C campaign?" continued...


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I'm new to the Mission Editor but aspiring to build a realistic campaign with accurate order of battle info. Russian and US info is not too hard to find, but Georgian info is scarce aside from references to 4 or 5 Infantry Brigades and supporting units.


Does anyone have a link or info for Georgian ground force order of battle? I'm specifically interested in:

* Air defense systems and aprox quantities

* Task Organization of battalion units (units, vehicles/heavy weapons per unit, etc)

* Location of military bases and tenet units



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It appears that the Georgian government signed a deal with France and with MBDA specifically to obtain "advanced" air defence equipment. Speculation appears to be that they'll be purchasing modern versions of the Crotale SAM system. There's even some speculation that Georgia wants to purchase some E3-A AWACS aircraft but I can't really imagine that happening due to the hugely increased risk of Russian intelligence getting information about its capabilities.


As for current capabilities, the relevant wikipedia article is here, though not sure how accurate it is:



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Personal wish list: DCS: Su-27SM & DCS: Avro Vulcan.

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