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landing script doesn't work in 1.5?


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I've been using this lua predicate condition in 1.2.x to check chopper's landing


if Unit.getByName('unitsname'):inAir() == false then return true end


but it is not working in 1.5 open beta(latest).

Is this a bug or did I miss something?

If it's a bug, is there any alternative method to check landing condition?


Thanks in advance.

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Lua predicate is broken. The actual function should work fine.


Thanks Grimes!

But I'm just copy and paste guy about lua scripting, if you don't mind please help me more.


Then how to use the code without lua predicate to make it work properly?

Specifically I want set flag 1 true every time the plane touches the ground.

And every time the plane is in the air, set flag 1 false.

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