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F10 menu malfunction


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Hello, today after installing the latest beta update I went to fly my Huey in MP. I found that troop pickup seems to be broken. On the first server I logged on I had no F10 menu even though I was supposed to load troops. Then I logged to md-sims (Operation Magistral), side blue. F10 menu appeared but when I came to the pickup point anytime I tried to load troops (under the CTLD submenu) it answered that I wasn't in a valid pickup zone (I was landed smack on top of the green smoke).

Then I tried the other helo transport mission, but when landing on the red smoke marker near the train station there was no troop pickup option under F10.

Ryzen 3600X - RTX 2080 - 32 GB Ram - DCS on SSD.

DCS Modules : M2K-C, F18-C, FW-190D, Huey, Gazelle, Black Shark, Mig-15, all maps.

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