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DCS 1.5 on 3 monitor setup - need help


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Hey guys, i need help configuring DCS 1.5 on a triple monitor setting. I know there's some older useful threads out there but I'm afraid some information doesn't apply to 1.5 now. hopefully someone has it set up. Right now I have an Nvidia 780TI running on 3 monitors (each 1920x1080), I have Nvidia Surround enable so it's running on 1 screen in the option tab and the resolution is 5760x1080.


Now in game is does run fine, but I know I can improve on it.


When it starts off, it's zoom in really up close, I have to always reset my TrackIR and move all the way back to look like this:



My question is how to adjust the values of the FOV settings to:

1.) make it further move back

2.) start off in that position




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