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Bypassing ExternalViewAngleDefault


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I am trying to set my own default field of view for the Chase view in the Views.lua of my mod but everything I have tried doesn't seem to work and I've run out of ideas. I've searched the forum for if someone has tried the same thing I am but no luck. I want to bypass the global ExternalViewAngleDefault setting in the Config/View/View.lua so I can integrate my changes directly into my mod and not have to change anything globally on DCSW. That way other external views are untouched but when I hit F4 to a backward facing 'chase' view I can have a GoPro effect pointed at my pilot.


The only changeable values provided by ED are an XYZ localpoint and an Up/Down facing function, but NO FoV functionality... or at least that is how it appears.


If what I am trying to accomplish isn't currently supported by DCSW I would like to add this to the wishlist. Instead of changing a global value affecting all external views people can set a different default FoV settings in their own mods without changing any vanilla DCSW files.

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