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Flying With Mouse (SOLVED). No joystick


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I am posting this thread to help others run DCS without a Joystick.


You can use mouse to control center stick of your aircraft and also use it to look (not at the same time but you can switch between them) or config your keyboard for view


Follow these simple instructions and you should be good to go.


You need 2 softwares.


1. FreePIE





Official Site http://andersmalmgren.github.io/FreePIE/


This software reads input from your mouse (and other devices on computer)


2. vJoy- Download here https://sourceforge.net/projects/vjoystick/files/latest/download


Official site of vJoy http://vjoystick.sourceforge.net/


This is an emulator that tricks DCS to think you have a joystick


3. Download DCS.py from my good drive.




Now install both the software and run vJoy Configure, vJoy Feeder(Demo) and Monitor vJoy it should be under start menu programs vJoy.


Now when you move any axis (X, Y or Z) you should see corresponding change in Monitor vJoy. Check out the following image for an idea. Keep the config just like the image.




Close the vJoy Feeder but keep Monitor vJoy and vJoy Configure open


Now open FreePIE. Click on File and open the DCS.py that you downloaded from google drive. Once opened click on script and run script.


AND Voilà you should see changes in X and Y axes as you move your cursor in Monitor vJoy. Now when you click on TAB you should see RX and RY move.


Now open your DCS and go to controls.

Assign Joy_X and Joy_Y to pitch and roll, assign RX and RY to horizontal and vertical view. You can switch between them using TAB.


I am hoping this will this will help lots of guys who dont want to get a joystick


Feel free to tinker DCS.py file and try different things. The script is written in Python.


CHEERS. :thumbup:


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