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NTTR mission ideas


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Hello there,

since NTTR is now out and there is no official content for it yet I'd like to ask you guys for some mission ideas, mainly for the F15C and the A10C. I usually create just some randomly generated, totally unrealistic, encounters where I just blow things up but since we have this nice NTTR map I was thinking about creating some of those RED FLAGish type missions. The problem is that I have absolutely no idea how these exercises are played out (*insert sheep smiley face here*). I tried some googling around but I didn't find anything specific that would help me design some training/exercise missions. I read somewhere around here that during these exercises all aircraft start from Nelli's right ? So let's start from that. I can create some flights, get them up in the air, restrict combat until some start flag is set and all that but what's next ? Just let them furball or design some more teamwork scenario like a CAP flight that has to protect some ground strike flight while the opposing team has to stop them or something. I'm really not sure. I'd like to create something a bit more complex and fun than just a straight forward "takeoff and shoot them" type of scenario. Any tips please ?


Also I'm not even sure in which areas of the NTTR should these activities take place. There's this link which is pretty cool :


So at least from here I can see where are the A2G target ranges and mock airbases and so on. This is pretty good tool.

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