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  1. pretty sure it's a bug After further testing yesterday I'm pretty sure this is a bug - it even spawns the 2nd person on the catapult with wings folded (as it should with "parking hot" start), which should not happen when starting directly at catapult. Anyway, mission attached, if you'd like to test it with another person. PS: The issue happens on respawn. I think on the initial spawn it's as expected and spawns both in parking spots. On respawn though it does not and always spawns the 2nd person right on the catapult with wings folded. Multi - Practise 02.miz
  2. Hello, I have a little issue with the new supercarrier in multiplayer - does the deck need to be entirely clear to spawn multiple people in parking spots ? My issue is that it spawns the first person in parking spot but the 2nd person starts always right on the catapult even though both have set "takeoff from parking hot", why is that happening pls ? As you can see from my attachment picture I put some static aircraft to the parking spots at the back of the ship but the entire front section is empty. I'd like us both to start from the parking hot and taxi to the catapult, etc. to enjoy the new crew but as I mentioned it puts the 2nd person straight on the catapult, even if they respawn and the deck is empty. Any ideas pls ? edit: Ideally I'd like to be able to select a parking spot for each aircraft just like I can on airfields. Unfortunately this option is not present on the carrier. But it would be ideal because I'd then be able to fill the rest of the spots with static aircraft to have a nice populated deck.
  3. I also vote for more frequent stable releases and use short incremental beta runs only to test specific new features before moving them into stable.
  4. Hello, I have a different question about HUD symbology if I may please - is there please a way to show the FLIR seeker on the HUD ? And also since I'm already asking about FLIR is there please a way to slew it to a waypoint ? Thanks.
  5. I actually think the VR controllers are probably better than hand tracking or the VR gloves. The reason I think is that unless you got an exact replica of the cockpit you will inevitably press things with your hands that you don't intend to, especially if your throttle and stick (or other HW controls like the MFDs) are not in the exact right place and size. For this reason I think the VR controllers are actually great. They enable you to interact with the cockpit in a very natural way, they give you feedback when you touch/press something (vibration) and they allow you to "confirm" what you want to do by pressing a button. The only thing that could be improved in DCS is the way the VR interactions work. Currently the VR controllers in DCS are handled basically like a mouse simulation - you point at things and you press a button to simulate a mouse click or a mouse wheel, which is not ideal. I'd really like to point out Xplane11 as an example of VR cockpit interactions done right. As I mentioned you use the virtual hand to point at something and hold a button on the controller to "grab it". It then lets you to push, pull, drag or rotate in whatever direction is required to manipulate that thing you grabbed, whether it's a switch or a rotary or something - it takes into account the orientation of the item and your hand in the virtual 3d space and you just very naturally move the item in the desired direction. And you have a very fine control over it too, you can for example easily select a specific heading by rotating the heading bug, select a specific position of a multi-position switch, or select particular autobrake setting with the autobrake rotary, etc. The tracking in my experience is very precise so this is definitely possible (at least with my Rift S). In my opinion this is pretty much perfect and it's very intuitive because it behaves just as you would expect - moving a switch up moves it to the up position, rotating your wrist to the right rotates selected rotary to the right, etc. The controls behave just like you'd expect in real plane. If you can try for example the Zibo737 in VR - it's pretty great. I think implementing a similar control scheme would make the DCS VR experience better and I hope this will be added.
  6. In my experiece using a combination of HOTAS and controllers is fine. I'm using it this way in Xplane as well. I just have the controller in my lap so when I want to press some button I can just take it, do whatever I need to do and put it back. What I find impossible when using the view as mouse is reaching some controls down at the left and right console - I just cant twist my head that much, I'd break my neck :-) The controllers work pretty good imho. It would be nice to have some more control over the mapping though. Also it would be nice to be able to set that I only want the hand to interact with things when I actually press a button on the controller. This should probably be an option since the way it is currently might be useful when using the VR gloves I guess.
  7. Yeah I guess I could do that but it's pretty cool to actually use your hands to manipulate things in VR rather than with a mouse. I also fly Xplane and there the VR manipulation is excellent - you use the virtual controller to point at things, you grab them with a button on the controller and you push or pull or rotate in whatever direction the control requires (like if its a switch or a button or a knob also taking into account its orientation in the 3d space). Also the virtual hand does not interact with anything unless I acutally do press a button on the controller so you dont press things accidentally by just trying to position your hand over a control you're interested in. That's pretty ideal and very intuitive behavior in my opinion and they nailed it in Xplane. Also you can remap any button or axis you want. I'd very much like to see similar control in DCS.
  8. Oh, well that's disappointing. Today I tried DCS in VR for the first time and immediately I wanted to remap and configure how the controllers behave. I hope this is a high priority item for VR improvement.
  9. Hello, is there please a way to reconfigure the binding and behavior of the VR touch controllers ? For example : - reconfigure what each button does - disable the virtual hand interaction with things unless I actually press a button on the controller (sometimes I accidentally press something when I don't want to) - and on top of the last point - disable interaction of the virtual hand with the stick that is hidden (this seems like a bug). For example in the F18 when I want to press something on the central MFD the hand messes up the virtual stick which I have hidden, which is slightly annoying I don't think I've seen any option to configure these things in the menu so is there perhaps some cfg or lua file I could edit ? Thanks for any tips. EDIT: Since this got moved into wishlist here's a summary of what I'd like to see: make VR controller buttons and axis remapable, give us more options to customize the behavior make the VR interactions more intuitive rather than a "mouse simulation" (grab a switch or rotary with a press of a button, push, pull, drag or rotate to naturally manipulate the item with the movement of your hand) make an option for the virtual hand to NOT interact with things unless I press a button on the controller (to prevent unwanted interactions) disable interaction of the virtual hand with a stick that has been hidden in options Thank you.
  10. That's the tricky part, 3D screenshot is not really possible is it ? My issue is with the depth perception of the F18 HUD in VR, not really something I can make a screenshot of. I tried to pay closer attention to the HMD vs the main HUD depth and in fact they seem to be the same. It's just when you see the main HUD not being projected in between the HUD glasses and the little brackets that hold the glass and you can clearly see that the projection is closer to my eyes than the glass which the HUD is supposed to be projected on it is very weird to look at (and not something you can really replicate IRL since it's an artifact of a completely synthetic image in VR). As I said I think that the depth of the projection should be further back, currently I see it too close to my eyes - in front of the actual HUD glass. edit: After a while I'm getting kinda used to it. It does look weird and not correct in my opinion (as I said for example the F16 HUD looks fine) but I guess I can live with that for now. I'm currently totally blown away by the overall VR experience in DCS anyway (!!!) - I spent last 3 hours just flying around not really doing anything, just flying in canyons and on top of trees, because it's so damn cool! :-) Still it would be nice if there was a way to tweak the depth of the projected HUD to my liking so if anyone has any idea where this might be configured (if at all) it would be well appreciated. Thanks.
  11. Hm it is strange. It seems to be an issue only with the F18. I just tried the F16, A10 and F15 and they look fine (although the F15 does look a bit weird too, there also the focal point does not seem to be quite right). It's mostly an issue with the F18 for me. Actually the F16 looks best in my opinion as the HUD looks projected "behind" the actual glass - that looks correct and it's comfortable to look at, while as I said I see the F18 HUD way in front of the actual glass which is quite weird to look at.
  12. That's not what I mean though. Yeah I can move forward and back and that's fine but what I mean is that the HUD projection in VR is not projected on the HUD glass but "pops out" way closer to my eyes. It's pretty weird sensation I'm quite sure it's not supposed to be like that. For example when I activate HMD and look away then the projected HMD HUD is fine, about where I'd expect it. But the main HUD projection focus point is way closer than the HMD HUD projection. I'm not sure if I'm describing clearly what I mean, it's a bit tricky cause you can't make a screenshot :-) edit: To illustrate what I mean I made a little drawing. I'd expect the focal point of the HUD projection to be about where the HUD glass is but what I actually see is the projected HUD floating way closer to my face. I have to focus my eyes way closer to focus on the projected HUD, it's very weird. I think that the focus point of the HUD in the Z plane should be further away from the viewer because currently it's pretty strange and does not seem right at all. At least on my end but I have clean fresh DCS stable install, no mods or anything. Everything else looks fantastic (not just in DCS but other VR games as well, for example I also fly Xplane and some planes with HUD there do not have this problem, this is why I immediately noticed that it does not look right).
  13. Hello, so I recently got Rift S and of course I tried DCS which looks fantastic but it seems to me that the HUD is projected right in front of your nose in VR - like it does not look like it's displayed on the actual HUD glass but rather right in front of me, I have to focus my eyes really close (like looking at something right up to my face) to see it in focus. Is this how it's supposed to be ? Because that seems pretty weird to me. Is there please any config/ini/LUA file where I can tweak this and move the HUD projection focus further back so it actually looks like it's projected on the HUD glass ? Thanks for any tips.
  14. Ok, thanks. edit: Well I didn't expect an essay, just a quick 1 minute summary. But thanks. I guess I'll wait.
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