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Low and fast with the Fw 190D-9 using the Oculus Rift.


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VR opened up a whole new world to me in terms of immersion. :) I got hooked by flightsims back in the mid 80's when F/A-18 Interceptor was released for the Amiga 500. Now 30 years later we've come a long way. A few months back I got a hold of a Oculus Rift headset. It blew my mind!


So, here's a non-fancy video of me flying around in the Fw 190D-9 at low altitude over amazingly beautiful terrain provided by the Nevada map using the Oculus Rift. :)


Hope you guys will enjoy it. :pilotfly:




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Looks beautiful and exhilarating. What is the model your are using. I am starting my research on this item.


I have been in sims since micropose F117.


Thanks for the video.


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Thanks, Financeman! Glad you like it! :)


I'm currently using the Oculus Rift CV1. I have no experience in the older DK1 and DK2, but from what I've gathered the CV1 has better resolution!


Running a VR-set is tough work for your graphics card. I bought my current rig in may this year and it struggles, even with a Nvidia 980. I used to run the game on full but in VR I had to take the graphics down quite a bit in order to get a comfortable 90 fps(at least in the country side). The sim still looks amazing though! :)


I can never go back to playing sims on a 2D screen. VR is as close as we'll ever get to piloting the real thing! :pilotfly:

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More videos by me with the Oculus Rift. :)


F-15C low and fast over morning traffic! :-)



Mirage 2000C versus Su-24. Yeah, not a match really. But it shows the head movements and how easy it is to keep track of your opponent. :)



Free flight in the Mirage 2000C. Take off from Groom Lake, high and low alts, some canyon flying. :)


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