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Crash going into multiplayer

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See attached logs.


Single player working no issue. JSGME mods removed and repair done. Yes I forgot to take them out before I updated. Didn't seem to matter.


I'm also getting crashed on startup of DCS 1.5. It gets to the loading screen and when its about 75% it crashes to desktop.


I was able to connect a couple times to MP servers today. Very odd.

Nov 12 Crash.zip

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i9 9900K @ 5.1Ghz - ASUS Maximus Hero XI - 32GB 4266 DDR4 RAM - ASUS RTX 2080Ti - 1 TB NVME - NZXT Kraken 62 Watercooling System - Thrustmaster Warthog Hotas (Virpil Base) - MFG Crosswind Pedals - Pimax 5K+

VFA-25 Fist Of The Fleet

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