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Wingman / Flight issues in 2.4


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It seems that the old "wingman not responding" issue that plagued the A10 early on has reared it's ugly head in 2.4. I can't get him to do anything. He'll talk to me, tell me his status and all of that but I cannot issue any orders to him.

Is this a known bug in 2.4?

Also: I had to delete all previous missions for the A10 in 2.4. Weapons load outs were really messed up. ED must have changed a lot of that stuff around because my load outs were all different on missions that I had set up in the ME. When I went to check them in the editor I got the "Load out not saved" message, even on the default load outs. And even then they would not stay consistent. And every time I would start a saved mission, the planes would be randomly placed around the airport.

Deleting the old missions and just making new ones seems to have taken care of that issue.


Oh!!! And TECAN code doesn't seem to work for Creech AFB. Not sure if it has always been an issue but I cannot get it to ID it in 2.4.

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