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LUA Script - stop a radio transmission


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Hi guys,


is there a way to stop a radio transmission via script?

I start a transmission as follows:

trigger.action.radioTransmission(_sound, _grp:getUnit(1):getPoint(), 0, false, 200000, 1000)


So it is not looping. The sound actually just gets played once, but when I sit in my huey to track that transmission, the needle for intesitiy just stays up a full deflection. So even though I dont hear anything anymore, I can still track that frequency.


I want to clear that frequency and reuse it at a later time, but I cant see to stop it transmitting.



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try that:


trigger.action.radioTransmission(_sound, _grp:getUnit(1):getPoint(), 0, false, 200000, 1000, "rtName")





It works with DCS 2.0


Thanks, tried it and it works like a charm.

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