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Huey left view port changes zoom.


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Okay finding flying from the left hand seat of the Huey very interesting especially when using m to drop the sight and hold. :music_whistling:


BUT! the zoom perspective changes when switching between using sights and flying the bird and is quite annoying.


Can the set view for both pilot and gunner be preserved (individually) and even held as presets for this model that would be nice.






Okay I've added a clip to illustrate.


When I set the view port for the left seat then engage the sights using "m key" that mostly works fine just gotta setup carefully, then after retracting the sights the view does not restore usually most of the time but sometimes the view port is restored which I think is the correct action. The problem is of course if "DCS" does not restore to where it was set even using the hot key to look forward does not always restore the correct view perspective which is a pain when trying to manoeuvre the aircraft quickly.



This short video shows the problem.


After the sights retract the view can just be random and not the view that was in effect before engaging the sights and once this occurs the perspective may also be wrong.



And the track is here if that helps.

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