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Torrent download crashes router. Any way to force HTTP?

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I use a linksys router WRT54GS2. Every time DCS attempts to d/l via torrent, the router immediately crashes, requiring a power cycle to fix. If I'm fast, I can cancel the torrent and force HTTP d/l and everything works fine. Usually I'm too late and by the time I cancel the torrent my router is already down. At this point the HTTP will timeout and I have to repeat the cycle.


I've learned to wait until I see the dialog box asking to try HTTP, power cycle the router, then click to continue HTTP.


Is there a way to force the HTTP as the first option? Why does my router crash?


I can use other torrent clients w/o issue.

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I have noticed a similar problem, except my router won't crash but after a while my connection drops(have to release, renew ip adress) maybe the torrent creates too many connections that causes a problem?

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Old story with file sharing apps.


The reason is the number of connects being done by edonkey/emule/mldonkey/bittorrent etc..


Back in the days when we fired up mldonkey on SuSE it almost crashed the entire campus due to

numerous connections/sec...tilting almost any Cisco the Über-Admin had....not really tilting...but enough to make that old long hair admin go WILD :)


He visited us from time to time and told us that at about sharp 6pm when all offices close down the network skyrockets up...due to mldonkeys kickin' in :) HEHE


Get another router ! It is a BAD sign if your router has such a small CPU and Memory that it cant handle a single, low connection count file-download like DCS, honestly.



see above to steer around that, click "CANCEL" and go to http :)

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