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LUA - Check if a unit received a radio transmission?


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Is there a way to check if a unit has received a radio transmission, or query a units current radio frequency and active radio to validate that they can send said message to a unit?


I have some radio items that I add for the player, which are used to communicate with some ai units on various frequencies and channels. What I would like to do is validate that the player is on the correct radio and frequency before executing the radio task trigger and removing the radio action (otherwise keep the action there).


I have this setup with a bunch of triggers per message:


1. Radio action (Flag 1, val:1)

2. (Action Used + Cockpit Arguments) Trigger detects when flag1 equals 1, and cockpit arguments are in range for radio knobs, sets flag 2 to true

3. (Valid Transmission - Send Message) Trigger checks if flag1 is 1, and flag 2 is true, sends message to player via radio transmission and removes radio item

4. (Invalid Transmission - Expire Message) Trigger checks if flag1 has been equal to 1 for more than 3 seconds, resets to 0 (essentially a radio expired trigger)


I find this gets quite complex when you have lets say 3 or more of these actions (now you have 12 triggers you need to manage in your mission, and I find the triggers list gets really unwieldy after 20). I'd like to cut away the cockpit arguments check/expire check so that I really only need the radio action and the valid/invalid trigger with a reusable script so there's less debugging involved.


I was looking at ways of creating triggers via lua but I cant find any documentation for it. Also cant find any info about checking valid radio setup.


Is what I am asking for possible?

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Not currently. Knowing cockpit arguments is one of the few things that isn't accessible to the scripting engine.

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