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Pending SAAF Sabres


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Hi there guys,


I have been working on a collection of SAAF Sabres for quite some time. Granted, the South African Air Force flew CL13Mk6s, the work is a bit of artistic license.


I have 95% completed the skins for 1 Squadron, and 2 Squadron, with research done to confirm aircraft codes, and serial numbers.


I have also been working on a camo SAAF Sabre, as flown with 1 Sqn insignia.


I have just a few issues to try and fix, particularly with the spec. effects on the aircraft.












And lastly.. the camo






Please let me know your thoughts, comments.... if there is any interest.


I will also be doing some Korean era F-86s.

FC3, UH-1, P-51D, Mi-8, A-10C, F-86F, FW 190D9, KA-50, Gazelle, Mig 21, M-2000C, F-5E, Spitfire IX, A/V-8B, F/A-18C, F-14, FW 190A8, F-16C, P-47D



NTTR, Normandy, Persian Gulf



Virpil: Warbrd, Alpha-R, Mongoose CM-2 throttle, Warbrd rudder

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