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  1. Hi guys! @[MVP] Mugga F-86 quadrant project has been replaced (for now) by my own F-100 quadrant, as it will be a better all-round match for DCS/MSFS early jets both with and without AB (Sabre, Starfighter, DCS F-100D <Woot!>, etc). I've recently been upgrading my home pit from an Obutto R3V to an aluminum Monstertech style set up which is infinitely more adjustable for peripherals. Once I get the pit set up I'll return to the quadrant as a winter project. Did I mention how jealous I am of your collection of F-86 bits? @Hiromachi Great job on both the quadrant and the mounting solution! This is exactly what I'm going to do with mine, some sort of 80/20 aluminum frame I can bolt on/take off in a couple of minutes. Wiring the switches is easy but I'll definitely be getting your advice when it comes time to set up the throttle axis electronics. Cheers!
  2. Yes, I’ll see if I can put ‘703 and ‘833 up this weekend. Started a training course for work in Jan which will run for the next few weeks so no time for skinning Mon-Fri… Beautiful!
  3. I think I used Amarillo USAF, so I'm not sure why the difference in appearance would happen, unless it's a case of using Gimp and choosing BOLD as a text style. Yes, it's FUN to match up the text in that area, isn't it All thanks go to the guys at VSN for putting up with my whining
  4. Nice pic! You can use arguments in the description files to mimic both an early and late version of the CF-104 as well as the stock F-104G model now, thanks to the guys from VSN who have been very accommodating. I believe there may be RF versions in the pipeline as well. They’re nice models, aren’t they? Late variegated camo is next, as well as ‘703 from the Manitoba museum. The CEPE “Royal Flush” five airplanes are in progress, as well as ‘781 for you.
  5. #6 is the ejection seat. You can change textures, as I have done to mimic a C-2 seat for instance, but you can’t change the model. The only template I have for it (as such) are the C-2 changes I made, and you can just use the textures from my Shared folder if you want that seat.
  6. If you post them to the user files section of the DCS site then, yes they need to be approved, but you can post them anywhere you like. Yeah, the C rudder isn’t as tall either, the bottom 20% or so above the exhaust is for the yaw damper, I think. The Cs based at Udorn carried a fighter wing marking there as did the Puerto Rico ANG (flag in PR’s case), something I tried to mimic on the G tail, although it looks a bit weird due to the slanted base of the G rudder.
  7. Paint kit uploaded to ED, awaiting approval!
  8. NOTE: Shared folder updated to include some OD green files and fixed an error in one normal map. Please download and install again https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3314166/ All OD Green CF-104 skins (including pending ones) will use new shared files, please download and install again the following two skins: 439 https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3318857/ 1CAG https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3318858/
  9. Yes, still weathering it. About the only scheme in CF-104 history that looked dirty, especially in that last few years.
  10. Lukewaffe bare metal and two CAF green meanies available in first post. Don’t hit your head on the RWR blisters during the walk around
  11. Belgian and first USAF skin now available. Links in first post.
  12. Yes. Will be out this week, once I clean some stuff up.
  13. Awaiting approval from ED. Things should start moving again after the weekend
  14. First post updated to try and clarify things. Sometimes I amaze myself with my own idiocy. That updated Common Textures file has now been renamed the "SHARED" file... since, you know, there's already a Common Textures file as part of the mod download... gee, that wouldn't be confusing, would it? Installation instructions updated to be simpler, I hope.
  15. Arrggghhh. Fixed. Try it again. Thanks for the catch, I'm only one guy and it's been a frantic couple of weeks getting everything updated
  16. Skin updates starting now, see first post for links
  17. https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?iso=20211015T2015&p0=136&msg=F-104+Mod+Launch&font=slab
  18. Haha, you can load the ones as used by the MiG-21, at the moment there are no western tactical nukes. Thanks, man. Check your PMs
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